There are hundreds of reasons for visiting Lisbon at anytime of the year, but especially in summer. Actually, I can assure you that once you visit it you will keep going back again and again. But what does this city have that captivates the heart of its visitants so quickly? It may be the romantic decadent atmosphere that you can appreciate walking through its narrow streets or the personality of its inhabitants. Whatever it is this magical city won’t leave you indifferent.

In case you are thinking about your next destination and haven´t decided yet, have a read of these 5 reasons to visit Lisbon. You won’t regret it.

5 Reasons To Visit Lisbon This Summer

A City for Music Lovers

Lisbon has both music festivals and a busy nightlife for those music lovers who love dancing until the sun comes up. On one hand, you’ve got NOS Alive with great line-ups that attract people from all over Europe. On the other hand you’ve got Brunch Electronik in Lisboa, which is hold every Sunday of summer and aside from the great DJs you can also enjoy a great gastronomy and activities for children of all ages.

Moreover, Lisbon is full of small and cozy bars where to have drinks until 4 am. But if you want to keep on you won’t have any problem as there is a wide range of nightclubs to choose from.

A City of Nice People

As we’ve told before, people from Lisbon are well known for their hospitality and good manners. You’ll never be treated like a foreigner and won’t feel like anyone is trying to scum you, as too often happens when we are tourists. Moreover, their relaxed and cheerful temper is quite contagious.

Language will never be a problem. No matter if you don’t understand Portuguese and they don’t speak English, they will definitely make a huge effort to understand you. And when the will is so great the understanding is possible at the end, no matter what.

A City for Food Lovers

Their great gastronomy is another reason for visiting the Portuguese capital. The most popular dish is cod, actually they assure they can cook it in 365 different ways throughout the year. But there is much more about this wide and delicious cuisine. Some highlights are the feijoada, soupy rice, fish, seafood and a great variety of cheeses.

A Safe City

When you travel you need to be quite careful about where you go and at what time if you don’t want to see yourself at some kind of trouble. The good point about Lisbon is that you can wander around at anytime without the fear of being assaulted, as it’s a really safe city. Actually, it is said to be the second city of Europe with less crime events.

A City for Culture and Art Lovers

Lisbon is also known for its history and culture. It has been able to preserve the typical traditions since it was a huge global empire, at the same time as it keeps many monuments from the Roman and Moorish times. Some places you should visit in case you are interested in history are the San Jorge castle and the Belém tower. If you fancy more contemporary art you can’t miss the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

In short, Lisbon is a magical and welcoming city of Europe you should visit at least once. If you do so, I can assure you it won’t happen just once.