Montreal is a huge metropolis, which moves and changes day by day. Therefore it can be not an easy task to escape from bustling city there and relax enjoying the harmony of nature. Fortunately, there are some places in Montreal where you can regain your strength and peace of mind. We’ve chosen the most beautiful and interesting ones. So, check out 5 most fascinating parks of Montreal…

Mount Royal Park

The park is placed on a large hill with a stunning panorama of the city and the St. Lawrence River. Mount Royal Park features huge green lawns, Beaver Lake and a cozy picnic area. Numerous trees protect the park from the city noise and dust. You can always find a nook for privacy. In addition, there are excellent conditions for those who like picnics – just choose a table, sit and enjoy the surrounding nature. At this time, children will be able to compete in agility on the court with the gaming complex.

Among the other attractions of the park are 31-meter high cross towering over the hill and an observation deck at the Belvedere Chalet.

Address: 1260 Chemin Remembrance

Coordinates: 45.501620, -73.593605

Parc du Mont-Royal (Mount Royal Park) - Montréal, Québec

Angrignon Park

Angrignon Park is one of the most beautiful and ‘greenest’ spots in Montreal. The park covers an area of ​​65,500 square meters and since 2000 it was completely landscaped taking into account the local terrain. Angrignon Park features ponds with a large number of aquatic flora and lovely flower beds. Also, there are lots of trees and decorative bushes there. The park offers many hiking and cycling paths, as well as several playgrounds for children. In winter, Angrignon Park provides excellent conditions for skating, cross-country skiing and sledging.

Address: 3400 Boul de Trinitaires

Coordinates: 45.444894, -73.601705

Parc Angrignon

Cap St-Jacques Park

Covering an area of ​​267 hectares, Cap St-Jacques Park is not only one of the most popular parks in Montreal, but also one of the biggest! The park features a lot of interesting things, from a variety of plants and wildlife to the ecological farm, Gohier Castle and Brunet historic house built in 1835. Cap St-Jacques Park is situated in the western part of Montreal and attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year.

In summer, Cap St-Jacques is also one of the most popular beaches of Montreal. It’s well-quipped and lots of families come there to swim, sunbathe or just to relax. Cap St-Jacques is a perfect spot for biking, rollerblading or picnicking. If you wish, it’s possible to rent a boat or canoe there. In winter you can enjoy a variety of sports, such as cross-country skiing.

Address: 20099 Boulvard Gouin West

Coordinates: 45.462869, -73.937576

cap St-Jacques, Montréal

Jean-Drapeau Park

Jean-Drapeau Park consists of two islands and offers a plenty of attractions for any taste. Probably, it’s impossible to find a sport that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in the park. There is a pool, a beach on the lake, walking and biking trails, picnic areas, aquatic complex, amusement park and even casino. Roller skating, sailing, water skiing and boat riding are also available.

In winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing, walking in snowshoes or ice skating on the 1.5 kilometer-long ice track.

In addition, Jean-Drapeau Park is an ideal spot not only for relaxation but also for education owing to the Biosphere Museum located there.

Address: 1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Coordinates: 45.503086, -73.528932


Morgan Arboretum Park

Those who think that ‘virgin nature’ of Montreal is limited to bars, restaurants and nightclubs are seriously wrong. Arboretum Park is the best proof of it! It’s situated in the western part of Montreal and covers an area of ​​245 hectares.

The abundance of wildlife just rolls over. Morgan Arboterum Park can be called a miniature world, which collects all the beauty of Quebec: lots of trees and flowers, 34 species of mammals, 22 species of reptiles, amphibians and more than 170 species of birds.

In 1945 the park was purchased by McGill University and moved into his property. Since then, the park has not only been used for entertainment purposes, but also educational and scientific ones. For groups there is a possibility to order a guided tour. In winter you can enjoy cross-country skiing or just take a leisurely walk in a snowy park.

Address: 150 Ch des Pins, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

Coordinates: 45.430867, -73.942632


In addition to the above-mentioned parks, Montreal features a lot of other ones. This is what distinguishes it from the other big cities. Numerous parks of Montreal offer you to relax with your family, even without leaving the limits of the city. Thanks to the impressive parkland, Montreal is surrounded by greenery at any time of the year. So, if once you decide to get a full open-air relaxation, just visit any of these parks. Of course, you can easily reach any of these destinations by using a rental car in Montreal with optional GPS device.