The degree you hold has a major impact on your professional career. With a degree in Social Work, you can’t become a Marine Biologist tomorrow. Your degree unlocks many doors for you. What happens, however, when you don’t have a degree? You might feel stuck if you don’t have a college education, but not every worthwhile career requires a degree. You can consider one of the following five jobs for good pay and stability, even if you have only a high school diploma.


Until robots build our houses for us, carpenters will always be needed. A carpenter doesn’t need any formal training to get started in their profession, either. Many carpenters start their careers as an assistant or apprentice, learn the skills of their trade, and continue to expand their work. According to U.S. News, carpenters can make almost $80,000 in the top percentile, but the median is a solid $43,600 a year.


A DJ might not make much when they first start out, but they can make upwards of $210,000 a year once their career is really going. Consider this info on PayScale, which places the median at $39.23 an hour. To gain success as a DJ, you don’t need a college degree. You just need to work your way up to nightclubs and private events. Choosing just the right music is an art, and if you’ve got a passion for tunes, you might enjoy a career as a DJ.


A receptionist makes a median of $34,467 a year, and they don’t need a college degree to get there (although it certainly can help). While some receptionists have a certification or tech training, they may be able to be hired without any formal certifications. A receptionist answers phone calls, has guests sign in, and handles light administrative work. Receptionists need to be kind, friendly, and great communicators; they also need solid computer skills.


If you have some money to invest, you can start up a business as a landlord. Landlords own a few units or a few hundred, which they rent out to tenants. Landlords make a small profit on every unit every month, and they can also use their rental income to pay off a property. Owning a few buildings is a key investment strategy for landlords and so is filling buildings with reliable tenants. Landlords have to choose their tenants carefully with the help of an online rental application that looks at background information including criminal record and eviction history.


While the pay scale for a photographer can start out low, the ones who succeed in their profession make up to $42.70/hr, according to Photography comes down to success as an artist, but also success as a business. Photographers have to be able to do their bookkeeping, advertising, and customer service with skill in order to make it to the top. You might have a knack for picturing taking, or even an incredible talent, but you also have to have the business acumen to survive.