Corporate events have a little bit of a bad reputation. They’re often thought of as a little soulless or well, just plain boring. Now though, things are very different. With events such as casino evenings and treasure hunts in the middle of bustling cities, the annual office team-building day has been given a new lease of life. So how could one positively impact your company?

Getting to spend Time with the Boss

Sometimes, especially in larger companies, not all employees get to closely work with the senior management team. They may not have even met them! Naturally, we all work better for someone if we share some good memories. So getting staff from all levels together in a fun, informal environment will help them to all put names to faces and strengthen their working relationships. There’s no need for a boss to be cold and distant. A corporate get-together is a great way to have fun while still maintaining a professional relationship.

Rewarding a valued Team Member

You may have a member of staff that’s retiring after working at your company for many years. Or there may be someone who’s gone above and beyond to deliver fantastic results. Naturally, you’ll want to reward those incredible performers. A corporate event is a great way of doing this. You’ll be able to get everyone together to share stories about how they’ve really enjoyed working with such a great team member, and later in the evening, present them with a special gift. Not only will you make them feel appreciated, but other members of staff will feel driven to emulate their success.

5 Hidden Benefits Of Corporate Events

Celebrating an important Milestone

Corporate events are also great for celebrating company milestones. This could be anything from the business being open for many years, to an exciting new development like expanding to another country. There’s nothing like getting together and reflecting on how everyone’s hard work has paid off to boost company morale – and drive you all on to achieve even bigger and better things.

Bringing all ages together

Breaking down the age barrier is an important part of making sure that you’ve got a team that works well together. A team-building activity is a great way to break the ice between people who may not normally mix with each other during working hours. Employees will be able to combine all of their skills; and during that process, will realise that by working together their jobs will be a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Having fun after working hard all year

Unwinding after a long year is really important. After all, life’s no fun if it’s all work and no play! So if your employees have worked really hard, a fun-filled day or evening away from the office is a great way to reward them for giving so much to the company. An evening making cocktails or a day spent tackling an adventure course will help them to unwind, have fun and look towards the next quarter with a renewed sense of purpose.

A little fun can do your Company the World of good

As you can see, a corporate event can really make a positive impact on your company’s performance. By letting employees have fun and strengthen their relationships with each other, you’ll be moving forward with a team that feels appreciated and works well together. That can only be a good thing for the prospects of your business!

Charlie Berry is the Event Director for London based Zing Team Building Events, a corporate event company that delivers innovative and creative team building activities.