As you are going around the supermarket looking for food, it can be quite difficult to know what to get, as you also have to think of your child’s health. You know that most things with sugar are bad for their teeth according to childrens dentists in Burnaby, but there are so many processed foods that contain sugar. So what is actually good for your child’s teeth? Well, there happens to be a few categories of food that will strengthen their teeth, and leave knowing that your child is in good hands, while avoiding sugar as much as possible.

Foods That Will Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth

Foods With Vitamin C

We all have different types of bacteria in our mouths, but some of this bacteria can contribute to something negative like gingivitis. However, foods with vitamin C have the ability to kill negative types of bacteria, and will also support healthy gums. Foods rich in vitamin C to look out for are: oranges, kiwis, strawberries, limes, peppers, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes. Just be aware that if your child has a citrus food, make sure they wait at least thirty minutes before brushing their teeth, as citrus can temporarily soften tooth enamel.

Dairy Products

Foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese are very beneficial to your child’s teeth. They contain nutrients like calcium and vitamin D which help to lower the acid in the mouth, therefore helping to reduce tooth decay. Dairy products also do some other small wonders. They an also help repair damaged tooth enamel, and they will also help strengthen the bones around the teeth, making them stronger and more resistant to disease.

Crisp and Chewy Vegetables

When kids eat vegetables that require a lot of chewing, this type of motion will help to get rid of the plaque built up between their teeth which can be leftover from brushing. Some of these vegetables can include carrots, celery, cauliflower, green beans, and snap beans. Not only are they good for children’s teeth, but nourishing for the body as well!

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are naturally high in fat which can create a shield over the teeth to protect them from bacteria. Nuts and seeds also have a lot of oil, and the oil can help to strengthen tooth enamel, which prevents cavities from occurring. Lastly, nuts and seeds also contain calcium, which operates similarly to calcium in milk, which will also protect the bones in your mouth.

Make your child’s trips to the pediatric dentist more enjoyable by following the tips in this article.