Just as one needs a garage if one has a car, in the same way if one has firearms one will need a safe to keep it. In fact there are laws in certain states like California where one is liable to be fined if one does not have a safe if the firearms are stolen. Just as purchasing a car or any other item for that matter is no easy decision. There are countless manufacturers and hundreds of designs to sift through. In fact the options are so many that one does get confused as to which safe to purchase. This is because one needs to sort out the information from the marketing claims that are put up.

However we can make things easier for one who is interested in buy a winchester gun safe for the firearms. We will help you pick the right safe and that to at the best price.

Priorities of a Fire Safe

For example one needs to keep a budget in mind when one thinks of buying a safe for the firearms. We would suggest a budget between one thousand two hundred to one thousand four hundred dollars for a safe. However one must remember that this rate should be from a major maker of firearms safe. The safe measurement should have external hinges and inside should have an interior of fifty seven inches in height and thirty inches in width. The reason for taking one of these measurements is that one will have space for thirty inch barreled rifles with a top place for handguns. If the safe is provided with a rotary rack and slide out drawers it will be highly suitable.

As far as the locking safety is concerned one should go in for a rotary dial lock. It is very logical to go in for this type of safety as they function without any trouble for decades and also need the least maintenance. However if one goes in for the digital locking system for ones firearms then the advantage is that it offers quick access and convenience. However if one really goes in for the digital type of locking system then one needs to go in for a commercial grade unit. If one can get a unit with a fir lining that would be simply perfect though a thin sheet will not make much of a difference to make it fire proof.

Weight Age of the Fire Safe

Coming to the weight of a fire safe one should keep in mind that it is something that can be just carried away by two men. One must ensure that the weight of the fire safe should be over seven hundred and fifty pounds and above. In addition there should be a door gauge that is at least eight inches thick or heavier than that. It should be having a low gloss and should be having a rust resistant external finish.

The interior of a fire safe should be such that it is able to hold scoped guns with long barrels the on door facility should be such that it can hold non scoped long guns or one can go in for a rotary gun rack for scoped guns

A few other points that one can consider when buying a fire safe is that one should go in for a size that is slightly bigger than needed even though this may cost a bit more . Also it is advisable to spend more if one is getting a safe that is more fire resistant. Always investigate the safe specifications before buying one.