If you are looking to have a very different wedding, whether it’s just because you want something everyone will remember or because you enjoy learning about different cultures, there are plenty of fun and interesting things you can do for your special day.

4 Ways To Plan A More Worldly Wedding

Sometimes a white wedding just isn’t for everyone. Whether you want to do a traditional wedding for your own heritage background or you just want to do something creative, here are some pretty interesting ideas on how to come up with a more worldly wedding.

Look Into Wedding Garb

Why not try a less traditional look for your wedding, or less traditional for an American wedding anyway. You can do some research on weddings around the world and traditional garb from other cultures.

Whether you want to get married in white or you just want an interesting and different piece of bridal clothing to wear to your reception, you can take time to learn about what other people where in other countries. Maybe you want to adopt your own heritage and have your husband wear a kilt if you’re Scottish or Irish.

Gifting Traditions

Try something a little different with your wedding by look into gifting traditions around the world. Ask your guests to follow the traditional gift giving ideas from another country for your wedding reception, or maybe your bachelorette party.

You may find gifting traditions in which the bride gives a special gift to her bridesmaids or to her groom that you think sounds perfect for your wedding. or maybe you’ll find a really special worldly gift idea for your soon-to-be mother-in-law that finally wins her over.

What’s The Party Like

Some cultures have elaborate wedding traditions that include many things prior to the wedding and maybe even an elephant ride to the ceremony. Look into some more dramatic traditions, like Hindu and Indian weddings.

You just might find out that another culture has just the celebration that your wedding needs. You aren’t taking their ideas to mock them, but to make your own wedding special to you, and creative.

How You Say “I do”

If you have another nationality in your blood you may want to learn a different way to say “I do” when it comes time to say your vows. Maybe you’re Irish or Scottish and want to learn the Gaelic way to say your vows.

After you say those words, find out what the next steps are for other cultures, like how the Jewish break a glass at the wedding. Seal your marriage and your love with something special and symbolic.

It would make your wedding both unique and special to take the time to learn about other cultures and to come up with something completely unique that shows you complete love for one another. It’s your wedding, have fun with it!