In most of the green card cases, it is evident that the immigration lawyer plays a pivotal role in getting approval of the authorities. Your immigration lawyer helps and supports you throughout the immigration process. Here are seven tips that will help you choose an immigration attorney, who can perform and ensure the best results for your case.

1. Check for Feedback

These days almost every law firm and top level attorneys maintain a website. On these websites, you can find what their previous clients have written in reviews. This feedback can give you a fair idea about the way they work and the results they deliver. Give specific attention to the time that they took to get the green card for their client, as it is the key to knowing if the immigration lawyer really know their job. If you can, then make sure that you verify that the testimonials are not fake. You will come to know to if the comment and stories are legitimate. When the testimonials appear as they are glorifying the firm or the immigration lawyer, it is an indication of a cooked up story. Legitimate comments are precise and do not use fancy words, or glorify.

2. Short Listing

There are many immigration lawyers in the United States and choosing which one is better than the other can be an arduous task. You need to shortlist some of the firms and then review them individually. Look at their success rate, and ask friends, family and colleagues for references and then select one from the prepared list. Use Google to power your searches, and identify the immigration firm and attorney who can serve your needs. Keeping options is always good as it makes the selection tough and thus improves the quality of the services. You may also compare the charges of different firms.

3. Experience

It is advisable that you hire an experienced immigration lawyer for your case. In legal matters, experience plays a key role in furnishing the desired results. Once you are in the immigration office, the staff eyes you in a skeptical manner, that might take away your confidence. Imagine, at such a time if your newby lawyer is as much tensed as you are. It can literally bring down the chances of approval of your application. An experienced lawyer with a good record can make immigration matters look like cake walk. With extensive experience lawyers can guide you through the process and make sure that you calm your nerves and hold your confidence. There are attorneys, who can get the work done only by the image that they have in the immigrations office. They command respect from the officials and when that happens, most of the skepticism is gone.

4. Availability

Immigration is a complicated process, and having  questions at every hour of the day is common. People get worried about the approval and some suffer from anxiety. When you are setting a meeting with your lawyer, make sure that you can access the services at anytime. You should be able to effectively communicate with your attorney and ask all your questions. This will help in clearing all your doubts about the complex laws that surround the green card and other immigration process.

Choosing the best attorney for your immigration case can be easy if you follow the necessary procedure and research in depth before finalizing anything. Use internet for your research and look for client reviews and reputation of the immigration lawyer to make the final choice.