Everyone wants to be fit and individuals like to work out in various ways to keep their body healthy and fit.  It is much better, they realize, to spend on their health than on doctors after falling sick.

Running is a favorite mode of exercise.  You can run any time of the day that is convenient to you.  You can run almost anywhere, in the park, on a side of a road during off traffic hours, or any scenic spot close to your house.  The investment in running is next to nothing.  All you need is some suitable clothes and shoes.

If you are planning to take up running seriously, shopping for shoes should be given careful consideration.   Running is a high impact activity and so you need to cushion your feet against the impact, or it will end up affecting your knees.  A good pair of running shoes will protect you against injuries. Here are few useful things you need to know about your pair for running shoes:-

  1. Discard your old shoes after six months of use, or after you clock 500 miles of running.  The shoe may still look good and usable, but it needs to be replenished. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but nothing is more expensive than your knees and you need to protect them.
  1. Make sure you visit a proper store that specializes in fitness shoes.  A neighborhood shoe shop may not be the best place to buy shoes for running.  A fitness shop will make sure you get the proper pair of shoes for your body type. You need expert help in choosing the right shoe for you, and you have to ensure that you go to a proper place.
  1. Take along your old pair of shoes to the shoe shop.  Your body weight, your posture and running habits are unique to you.  The way your shoes wear out will tell the salesman about the right kind of shoe for you.  Let him examine the old shoe and suggest the best possible alternative for you.
  1. Do NOT go in for the best looking pair blindly.  It is very natural to be taken in by the appearance of the shoes on offer.  Do remember you are buying the shoes for working out, not for fashion.  Concentrate on the best fit and comfort when you buy any kind of shoes, especially those meant for running.
  1.  Try out the shoe properly in the store. Put on both the shoes and walk and run around in them.  Let the salesman watch you and see if the shoe feels right to him.  All feet are different, and so are the shoe brands. Hence, the pair you have on must seem tailored for you.
  1. Get your feet measured each time you visit the shop.  The size of your feet may have changed from the last time you bought shoes. Try to shop for shoes in the evening when your feet are slightly larger.  Also remember to buy a shoe that is half a size larger as your foot expands while running.

Keep these tips in mind to buy the best possible shoes that will enhance your running experience.