Being a father of 7 year old son, I can tell with full confidence that among all things you’ve underestimated in parent process, the top is all the stuff. Yes the stuff you’re told by family, relatives and most of all the people out there. If you never had children before, then you won’t know about some products that exist.

Here’s my personal take on what will you need and what you won’t for raising a baby in a small place. You can buy them in regular stores, but in this digital world, I would prefer baby shop online Australia, because nowadays online shops tend to sell products at very low prices than the actual physical stores. And the plus point? You can do it by sitting on your comfortable couch eating popcorn.

4 Things You Absolutely Need and Don’t Need Living In A Small Place With A Baby

What You Really Need

#1: Do you know those little mittens which ensures that your child doesn’t scratch himself/herself? The intent of this mitten is to protect your little one from the sharp and tiny fingernails. While the little one scratch himself/herself from time to time, but it heals in surprisingly quicker order. Baby mittens are tiny piece of cloth, but if you’re anything like me and my wife, it’ll just end up in a giveaway bag, not much used.

#2: Different sizes of burp clothes. It’s pretty normal to get overwhelmed with all the bibs, wipes, burp clothes, sleep sacks. But, one thing I can say with absolute certainty that you don’t need multiple sizes of burp clothes. I’ve now got a drawer full of little square ones with butterflies printed on them, Unused!!!

It’s tempting to think that small burp clothes are useful, but frankly, a handkerchief can get the job done.

#3: Baby Monitor. If you live in a typical small apartment, then you absolutely don’t need a baby monitor. You’ll realize soon enough that your little one is capable of generating enough sound to notify you about the needs, no matter where you’re in your apartment.

#4: Diaper Bag. Get one thing straight in your mind: Diaper bags are not any more useful than the cloth tote bag, which you’re gonna already have anyway. And, you also don’t need changing pads, because an ordinary messenger bag will serve the same purpose just as well.

What You Don’t Really Need

#1: Diaper Pail : You may not need a custom made diaper bag, but a diaper pail with double seals and double closing lids is highly important item to have. You may think that an ordinary bin with even closing lids will get the job done, but trust me they aren’t up to the task of keeping odor.

#2: Bouncy vibrating chair : Now you don’t need to go for a huge, twisting, singing chair that can take up to three quarters of your small living room, but a simple vibrating bouncy chair cannot overdo. It may seem like a hyperbole currently, but you’re gonna come around very fast of knowing the necessity of a vibrating bouncy chair.

#3: Good Stroller : In the beginning, me and my wife fancied ourselves with hippyish when the matter was about carrying our baby. We just loved to have our baby strapped to our bodies as it’s much easier than carrying stroller up and down the stairs when living in an apartment. But, to tell you the truth, we found that the stroller is the greatest baby invention of all time. A stroller with an appropriate size is an absolute certainty, trust me.

#4: Baby carrier : By owning a baby carrier you’ll have laughing, smiling, and all the cuteness strapped to you. And, make sure you get the proper sized one and the one you really love. Well, unfortunately, you can’t judge any type of baby carrier until you have an actual baby to try them out.


No matter if your friends, family or relatives suggest a pile of things you’ll need, they also might tell you some incident happened due to which not having some particular baby product, but trust me, with my experience, this is all you’re gonna use mostly out of all the baby products out in the market.