There are different reasons why people drink. Some people do it to help relieve anxiety or kill pain, and some people do it to help them with depression. Some people drink because they think they need to in order to have fun.

4 Reasons To Quit Drinking

While getting inebriated can be fun, and forgetting about your problems with some alcohol can make things easier, it’s actually harming your body and your mind. Even one drink of alcohol is having negative effects on your body and your health.

There are healthier things that you can do for the things that ail you. Exercise is great for fighting depression and anxiety. Learning to be more confident in yourself can help you have more fun in a crowd, without alcohol.

For Your Health

Your health is important, and using alcohol on a regular basis can damage your brain, your liver, your heart, and your kidneys. The longer you drink the worse it is. If you drink until you’re blackout drunk, ever, you could be permanently damaging your brain.

Alcohol use can literally kill your liver. Cirrhosis is the liver isn’t something that can just be healed and can lead to the need for a liver transplant. It can also damage your heart.

For Your Career

If you’re an alcoholic, your drinking could cause you to lose your job. Even if you are smart enough not to go into work drunk, hangovers can make your work slower or be less focused. You could even severely injure yourself if you work in a factory or in a career that puts you in dangerous situations.

Addiction to alcohol can also cause you to become irritable when you haven’t had any. That anger and frustration could come out to the wrong person at work.

For You Family/Relationships

It could also come out to the wrong person at home, ruining your relationships. Alcohol can cause all sorts of fighting and arguments in your home life, especially if you’re with someone that isn’t an alcoholic (and even if you are with someone that is).

You also risk losing your family. Alcoholism can put your children at risk for alcoholism themselves. And, if you are drunk while taking care of them someone could come to take them away.

For Your Mind

Alcohol can affect your mind, even if you aren’t binge drinking and blacking out. You may start to forget things. You can also have blackouts even if you aren’t binge drinking.

If you’re using alcohol as medication you’re not really treating your issues. Instead, you’re just masking things. Go into counseling and get yourself back on track to a happier and healthier life. Therapy will be good for both your alcohol use and the underlying factors that lead to it.