While post-graduate education might seem like overkill in some industries, the fact is that a Master’s degree still carries weight – enough weight to most definitely be worth pursuing.

After one gets a bachelor’s degree in a certain field of study, the option opens up to pursue a Master’s or a Doctorate, depending on what they’ve been studying. However, this level of post-graduate education doesn’t seem necessary to some.

3 Undeniable Reasons To Pursue That Master’s Degree

While it’s true that there have been plenty of success stories of people making great businesses and growing industry-changing companies without so much as a college diploma, or even a high school diploma – take for example Bill Gates, who as per Time is one of the wealthiest people on the planet and a Harvard dropout – that truth is but an exception to the rule.

The rule for the average high school graduate is that, unless they get a college degree, and even better, a post-graduate Master’s or Doctorate, their chances of scoring a secure, high-paying job capable of supporting a middle-class income family are drastically lower. A high school degree and job experience simply doesn’t cut it in most industries, if you want to be an employee.

You would think entrepreneurship is another exception, but PayScale lists an MBA in Entrepreneurship as one of the highest paying degrees in the country. One good exception may be found in some specialized branches of the IT business where industry certifications are worth more than college degrees, but by and large getting a degree will land you a more respectable salary. But let’s face it – it isn’t just about the money. Here are three other reasons to convince you to stay in school.

1. It can be free.

We all know that college is very, very expensive, and it’s getting more expensive as per CNBC. But with the rising costs in college tuitions, one bright shining beacon is that pursuing an optional post-graduate education can make you eligible for receiving stipends, as an incentive to pursue higher education.

3 Undeniable Reasons To Pursue That Master’s Degree

2. The job opportunities are more bountiful.

Not only do you get the chance of a higher salary, but a grad degree like a Master in Accounting online lets you expand your options for jobs into a much wider array. Through an online college like CBU Online, you can take your current list of job options and drastically increase their value, or unlock better opportunities.

3. Lifelong personal growth.

The final reason is very simple – a Master’s degree is worth pursuing for the journey alone. It’s not just the degree that matters – post-graduate education is a lot harder, more in-depth and more interesting than what is offered to those pursuing a simple bachelor’s degree, allowing you not only to later pursue better job opportunities, but to grow and achieve a new intellectual height through extended years of study.

Furthermore, a great Master’s course will increase your skill set and bestow you with other life-long rewards.

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