How would you rate yourself as a doctor?

If things could be improved, any notions to where you may hope to better yourself?

By being the best doctor possible, you gain a lot of respect and no doubt patients along the way too.

So, think there are some areas you can improve upon?

Are You Protected?

In coming up with ways to be a better doctor, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  1. Protecting yourself – How good of a job are you doing protecting all that it is you have worked for? As an example, do you have the right doctor disability insurance plan in place? Such a plan allows you to rest a little easier. That is knowing you have protection in place should something bad happen to you. From a major injury on the job to other pitfalls that could come your way, do not go about without protection. You do not want to see all you have worked for fall by the wayside. The best plan will cover you and give you that added peace you need. That is to keep going in the right direction with your practice.
  2. Treating your patients – Do you go that extra mile when it comes to treating your patients? The hope is that you do in fact do so. By giving your patients all you have, you will do right by most of them. This can in turn mean many of them will be with you for years to come. Make sure to give them your full attention. This would be during appointments or when a phone call is needed to clear up something. Patients tend to respect those doctors willing to do all it takes to make them feel better. You also want to be sure that your staff makes sure patients feel they got the best attention possible. In doing this, there is a good chance patients will refer family members and friends to your practice. That of course can lead to more business for your practice.
  3. Offer some flexibility – Last, how flexible are you when it comes to your patients? In a day and age when many patients have full schedules, some can’t always do the typical 8 to 5 doctor office visits. As such, it can make it hard for some of them to get in and see their medical professionals. Do you make it a point to offer some flexibility? This means extended hours? It can be a few hours in the evenings and even half days on Saturdays. By offering such things, you could keep a fair number of your patients happy. Make sure you are set up with the proper staff to do such things. A patient should feel confident he or she will get the proper service. That is whether they come in during the day or if you offer evening or weekend hours.

As you go about doing all you can to be the best doctor out there, remember to protect all you have worked hard for.

So, what makes you the best doctor around?