Outward appearances matter, how you look determines people’s perception of you are, appearances often determine if you get a job or not, and most importantly, your appearance will determine your self-esteem, and confidence. Besides clothing and a face that is well put together, your hair will complete or break your looks.

Ladies and gentlemen, your hair puts a wrap on what people think of you. Therefore, it is only fair if you place more attention to your hair, by not just keeping it clean but well-protected. The sun, sweat, heat, and humidity pose a danger to your hair causing hair loss, weaknesses and skin cancer. As a busy income tax lawyer Toronto, here are some of the best hair protection tips for you.

  1. Use a heat protectant

Hair straighteners, blow dryers or curling irons are bathroom staples for men and women with long hair, curly or straight hair. With all the heat used by the straightener and applied directly to your hair, have you considered that maybe you are doing more damage than good? Now, no one is asking you to stop heat application; you need it, but, why not get a heat protectant to prevent weakening of the hair?

What makes the best heat protectant for your hair?

The best heat protectants have dimethicone and Cyclomethicone, as well as natural proteins and hydrating oils which protect hair from damage. The presence of proteins like silk protein which deeply penetrate the hair prevent thermal damage.

Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone decrease the porosity of hair, decrease moisture loss, and lubricate the surface of the hair.

Besides protection, a great heat protectant for the hair leaves the hair shiny and free of frizz.

Don’t apply heat to your hair directly but if you have to (using a tong), you need to use low to moderate heat.

  1. Deep condition your hair

You probably conditioned your hair this morning. While the hair feels great, nothing beats the feeling you get from deep conditioned hair. By applying a deep conditioner in the hair from the roots, leaving the conditioner for anything between 10 minutes and an hour, the oils, and proteins in the conditioner penetrate the hair shaft improving the hair texture while imparting moisture

Moisturized hair is healthier, more elastic, safe from damage, and it shines. You should therefore deeply moisturize your hair often. Like the heat protectant, be careful about the ingredients of the conditioner and make sure they are safe and nourishing. Some of the best hair conditioners are oil conditioners. The best oils include olive, coconut or argan oil.

Don’t use a deep conditioner full of synthetic ingredients, however cheap it is. Don’t forget about hair treatments.

  1. Eat Right

What you eat determines if your hair is strong or not. Even with the best hair regime and great hair products, your hair which is derived from protein and minerals, will not be strong enough to be protected it is weak.

For strong hair, you should eat proteins, iron-rich foods, and omega-3 fatty acid. You also need vitamin-C, A, E, and biotin-rich foods, as well as food with minerals like zinc and selenium.

Lastly, you need to trim your hair frequently to prevent split ends, the most common type of hair damage.

You also need to understand your hair, especially the type for you to use the right products.