Digestion is the foundation of good health and without it is impossible to be healthy. The disease arises as a result of digestion in poor condition. So once you understand today and although many theories have to determine why the disease continues to underlie a basic good digestion. So you can understand that poor digestion generates metabolites that cause toxicity in the body, fat in disrepair which in turn generates cardiovascular processes, gases that damage the intestinal response and pulmonary allergies damaging the bronchi and skin acids that damage kidney, blood dirt causing ovarian and uterine processes, rheumatism, etc.

10 Tips For Better Digestive Health

And the “etc.” is as long as virtually all processes you might find a digestive origin. Seen this problem, it is logical to wonder … what damages the digestive process? And the answer from a naturalist view, far exceed the ten tips that will point below, but we will try to summarize.

1. The first tip has to do with the nervous system. Who eats stressed, nervous, restless, watching TV or reading the newspaper, arguing with the other guests and therefore unstressed, they are not expected to have a good digestion.

2. The position, but we eat sitting upright. Eating standing or lying is wrong. In the first case the body interprets no time and get stressed. And the second is not swallowed and down in the same way, and not metabolized properly feed.

3. The third has to do with the food itself. Not be taken many different foods at the same meal. Note that each food requires an enzyme that the body should prepare and if we force the body to make many different enzymes, we work overload.

4. Resting after lunch, and instead after dinner stroll. So go to the gym with the bit in his mouth, distributes the energy available and neither digestion nor the exercise is done well.

5. The place of food, should be outdoors if possible.

6. Chewing and swallowing food. We chew food well and thoroughly because the stomach does not have teeth. An old proverb says that “we must chew solids and drink liquids.”

7. The time to eat. It should be enough for the well-chewed food down to the stomach and salivated because otherwise it is impossible to good digestion.

8. The sequence of ingestion of food. Fruit should be eaten 20 or 30 minutes before the rest of the meal (especially if there is protein in it).

9. The mixture of carbohydrates and protein produced gases and undesirable fermentations and although it is now highly recommended by official bodies when eaten separately (one in the other food at dinner) all improved their digestion.

10. Animal milk, sugar, flour and white pasta should be avoided for various reasons, which would give for several items, but in principle white foods are delaying digestion and cause gas, fermentation, putrefaction and saturated fat causing various diseases.