Skin care experts often refer to different types of skin as oily skin, combination skin and dry skin. While these terminologies might sound simple, understanding your skin type is anything but so. It is important to understand your type of skin because the skin care products you choose and the skin care routine that you follow depends on it. This is where Vine Vera customers are at a major advantage because the brand offers skin care solutions for all skin types.

Understanding Your Skin Type

You can understand your skin type by comparing your skin to the descriptions given below. However, you must realize that your skin type can change from time to time, because the skin often changes its characteristics when it faces changes in skin care routines or changes in the external environment.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is extremely irritable and it looks very flaky. If your skin has both of these qualities and it also reacts to skin products every now and then, you most probably suffer from dry skin. Sensitive skin is another skin type, but it is basically an extreme version of dry skin. Vine Vera has special product collections for people with dry skin. The best way to take care of dry skin is to give it lots of love and care. Some of the key components of dry skin care include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, using serums and retinols and protecting the skin from the sun. Use gentle cleansers and make sure that you always use hydrating moisturizers at night. Hyaluronic acid and Resveratrol can also do wonders for people with dry skin.

Vine Vera Skin Care Products Are Available For All Skin Types

Oily Skin

The simplest way to see of your skin is oily is to rub your fingers across your T-Zone and see if they come out oily. Most people can feel a bit oily around afternoon. However, if you feel oily throughout the day, you have oily skin. The biggest advantage of having oily skin is that it doesn’t react negatively to skin care products the way dry skin does. The extra oil content also offers your skin with natural sun protection. However, it can make your looks go for a toss and it can also make your skin prone to acne. Vine Vera takes care of its customers with oily skin by offering them with special collections for oily skin as well as serums and creams that help in fighting acne. Don’t skip out on a proper skin care routine just because of the fact that you have oily skin. Having oily skin doesn’t mean that you should skip out on moisturizers. In fact, in most cases, oily skin occurs when your oil glands go into an overdrive due to a lack of moisture on your skin. Some of the main skin care processes for people with oily skin include cleansing, exfoliating, using serums, moisturizing and sun protection. Salicyclic acid and retinol can do wonders for people with oily skin.

Combination Skin

You have combination skin when your cheeks match the description of dry skin, but your T-Zone matches the description of oily skin. Basically, people with oily skin can expect to have patches of dry skin as well as patches of oily skin. Vine Vera products can help you to take proper care of your skin. You can go to the nearest store or seek for suitable solutions online. People with combination skin should stick to a basic routine and use ingredients such as Resveratrol, Retinol and Vitamin C.

Vine Vera experts state that using skin care solutions which match your skin type is extremely essential. Most people end up exfoliating their skin way too much or skip out removing their make-up at night. This can prove to be quite fatal in the long run as it leads to irreversible damages. Both can strip away the protective layers of the skin, thereby making it susceptible to damage from the sun or from the free radicals in the environment.