Just imagine each of your guests opening their mailbox to find a beautiful addressed envelope. Can you envision their reaction as they open the envelop and unveil their wedding invitation? A perfect wedding starts with a wedding invitation. It is actually the first glimpse that guests have of what is in store for the big day and its arrival usually creates anticipation and excitement. Wedding invitations provides a platform for the couple to set the tone and announce the theme of the wedding, whether it is formal, casual or glamorous. The style of the invitation should reflect the theme along with providing the location and the date of the event. It is usually a good idea prior to making a crucial choice to get a guidebook to help you create a wedding and share the happiness with your close friends and relative. Prior to make a purchase on your wedding invitation, there are a number of things that you need to consider. In this article we are going to give you tips on 10 things that you must consider before you purchase your wedding invitations.

  1. Order a sample to avoid mistakes

Have you ever sent an invitation or a note with spelling or grammar mistakes? If yes then you know how embarrassing it can be. Your wedding is a very big day for you and you should ensure that things like that are not associated with your wedding invitations. One of the best ways to avoid encountering mistakes like that is by ordering samples prior to purchasing. Although you may be forced pay for a sample, it is definitely worth the price because you will be sure that you have purchased a good invitation. You will also get to know the calibre of their printing.

  1. Purchase more that you believe you want

When purchasing your wedding invitation card, it is always recommended that you purchase more than the actual number of invited guests. For instance, you have 100 invited guests in your list; it is always recommended that you purchase at least 20 more cards to carter for last minute visitors. In addition, the extras cards will also replace those errors that you make when writing the name or the address of the invited guests.

  1. Have someone you trust to proof read your stationary

The Company you assign to design your wedding invitation cards can do everything to ensure that your wedding invitation card is free from mistakes but they are also human and can make error. Although most designers usually give their clients a chance to proofread their stationary and make necessary amendments, some don’t. Therefore, it is your duty to make follow up and ensure that what is written on the invitation card is actually what you want. When proofreading your wedding invitation cards it is always good to invite someone that you trust to help you correct any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

  1. Locate enough time

Coming up with an amazing wedding invitation card cannot happen overnight. It actually takes time especially if you want a customized designed wedding invitation card. Therefore you must invest your time if you want to come up with a quality wedding invitation cards. This is because most companies that design these cards take time to come up with choice of word to put in our card. It also takes time to print and ship the cards to the owner. Make sure you plan early and make orders in time to avoid last minute rush.

  1. Include what your guest need to find out

Besides indicating the location of your wedding it is also very important to include any other important information that you think it is important for your guests. For instance, if you will have guest who has traveled for long distance just to celebrate with you in that big day, it is a good idea if you include lodging details and guidelines. In addition, you can also include some dietary information to enable your guest prepare adequately.

  1. Have the right choice of words

The type of words you choose when writing your wedding invitation card is very important. Make sure you follow the general format of writing a wedding invitation card. This means that you have to include the date, venue and period. Make sure that you write something that is captivating, precise and straight to the point. If you have problem in choosing wording, search a guidebook online to help you.

  1. Consider the style of writing

The satisfaction that comes by sending a wedding invitation that has been written accord to your specs is great. When writing your wedding invitation, it is very important to note that you also have a role to play. You together with your designer from Pure Invitation can come up with a plan to ensure that you come up with a wedding invitation card that you will be proud of. The card should actually have a personal touch.

  1. Cover wedding invitations

It is very important to cover the wedding invitations especially if you are expecting many guests. Make sure that all your wedding cards are well covered before you send them to your guests. Also ensure that you also include the cost of stamps.

  1. Consider how much you will spend

When purchasing your wedding invitation cards, you must be realistic and know that your choice will actually affect the price. It is very important to plan according to your financial reach. It is also good to know if your wedding invitation budget also includes postage because that is a cost that is often overlooked. Even if you may have a rough idea of what you want to spend, be open and know different invitation styles and methods that will bring your cost down. Customized and stylish wedding invitation cards are usually more expensive than simple ones. Do it yourself is even more expensive and it is not recommend unless you have time to do them on your own.

  1. Do not deliver all your wedding invitations

Although this may sound weird to some people but it is always a great way to help you spend less. By keeping some, they will give you good memories in the future. Many people often overlook this when planning their wedding but years later they come to discover their importance.