Daily workouts are not only a process to beautify your body, but it’s also a method to keep your body fit and healthy. Working out daily protects and strengthens your heart and lungs, and it also helps to maintain your blood sugar level and bone density.

To enjoy the best results of a workout, it is essential that you do it at a regular interval, along with a proper diet. For maintaining proper energy and for accelerating the muscle repairing process, you should make sure that you supply your body with vital and adequate nutrients.

The food that we eat contains three macronutrients: Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins. These three macronutrients are the basic supply of energy for our body.

Post Workout Diet

  • Carbohydrates are considered as the major source of energy, especially during workouts or exercise. This is the reason why you see athletes loading themselves with rich supply of carbohydrates before an event. The carbohydrates are stored in our muscles in the form of glycogen.
  • During your first 90 minutes of workout, it’s the energy driven from fats stored in your body that accounts for almost half of the body’s total energy requirements.  Also, during long term exercises, when the body’s carbohydrate sources are almost exhausted, around 25% of the energy requirement is then fulfilled by the fat deposits.
  • It is common for your muscle tissues to undergo certain micro-tears during long-term exercise. It is the protein stored in your body that helps you to repair those tears.

Considering the above stated facts it is important that you give appropriate attention to your diet while working out. Some of the essential pre and post workout foods are:

Glowing Green Smoothie

How to prepare:

  • Blend Spinach and Romaine along with two cups of water, until smooth.
  • Add apple and pear to the mix. Blend the ingredients until smooth.
  • Add lemon juice and banana to do a last blend.

The Glowing Green Smoothie is rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, enough to give you the required energy for your morning exercises.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are rich with Omega-3 fat, protein and antioxidants. The rich fat content of the seeds makes it an ideal food before a long workout session. Also, the protein content in the seeds helps in repairing the micro-tears of the muscles.

Chia seeds don’t have any particular taste, so it’s easier for you to mix it with your favorite dish, as the seed won’t alter the taste of your dish anyway.

Alkaline Water

According to the experts, water is required before and after workouts. The workout gets you all sweaty, resulting in fluid loss. Drink enough water to replace this fluid loss immediately.

Experts recommend alkaline water during long workouts.  The theory goes like; our muscles work in a narrow range of pH. While the body is at rest, muscle pH is about 6.9. During the exercises the Muscle glycogen is utilized, producing lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and carbon dioxide. This reduces the muscle pH, making it acidic. This can lead to fatigue, as the acidic environment stands as a barrier in energy production. But, the use of alkaline water can stabilize the pH level in the muscles, thus stimulating the energy production.


The fat content in Avocado makes it ideal as a pre-workout food. The fruit also contains carbohydrates, helping in an increased energy production.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are rich in all macronutrients – carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Having some nuts and seeds for dinner will provide you with enough energy for your evening workouts.


Banana is known as an ideal food due to the presence of many complex carbohydrates, minerals such as potassium and fibre. This makes it perfect for your body, either as pre or post workout diet.


These are some of the essential pre and post workout foods you can follow to maintain your body in healthy and hydrated condition. Remember, the workout itself is not a cure for anything. It’s the combination of proper and timely exercise with a healthy-controlled diet that creates the magic.

Maria McCarthy, an enthusiastic academician and health blogger, finds special interest in exploring and writing articles about health and nutrition. She also works for a wellness company named TyentUSA and is responsible for product quality assurance.