As part of your Visa application, the letter of purpose is an important document. It often poses a significant challenge to students who plan to study abroad. Your aim should be to use it to make you stand out from other potential candidates.

You will realise that the purpose of travel for Canadian visa, may be the same among many visa applicants. Visa officers have an interest in reading your sop; you should put your best foot forward.

Therefore, you need to think critically about what to or what not to include in your letter. Here are some useful tips to guide you:

1. Why Canada

You have to prove to the visa officer that studying in Canada, is the right fit for you, in your explanation letter for visitor visa. Maybe you could mention the vibrancy and diversity that Canadian culture offers.

It could even be the pursuit of an international outlook of the study area of your choice.

2. Powerful introduction

Remember, the visa officer is only human. Therefore, you need to grab their attention right from the start. It emphasises the type of opening you choose to use.

It should be captivating and make them want to read more. Stick to language that’s easy to understand.

3. Choose an Angle

Any letter of your purpose of travel Canada, shouldn’t just be a detailed narration of your life and plans. Find a unique angle to your life story and tie it to the need for a Canadian visa. Refrain from copying what other sample letters say.

If you are yet to narrow down to a specific path; don’t fret. Start writing and along the way, you will figure it out.

4. Clarity and Conciseness

Train yourself to convey your message, efficiently and effectively. You can list down the things you would like to include in your sop, first. Then, try to explain those points using a convincing and professional manner.

Keep in mind, you are writing to a stranger. Use your vocabulary well, and go straight to the point.

5. Honesty is key

In writing about your experiences or giving reasons for your choices, it is prudent, to be honest. Rather than merely narrating your story, try evaluating your life story by sharing the lessons you have learned. It is also essential in your sop for admission to a school.

Ensure that the essay flows logically. Keep away from general statements and highlight specific points that demonstrate your unique qualities.

6. Ties to your home country

It is a vital aspect in any letter of purpose for visa application. You need to prove that your primary reason for needing the visa is for studies and not immigration. Explain to the reader your reasons for not opting to study in your country.

Expound on how this opportunity will benefit your employment prospects in your home country. The things that tie you to your home country could be investments, family, etc. Talk about these.

7. Proofread

It’s always good to revise any document before you submit it. Take time to go through it and make the necessary changes. You can also ask another person to read it and give you feedback.


Your joy to pursue a Canadian education may be cut short by a poor sop. Use the above checklist to improve the chances of a successful visa application.