You could be the absolute best dentist in the world, and absolutely no one would know it. That is the possibility in this modern world, as there is just so much information coming at people from all directions that they often do not know what to pay attention to and what to ignore. When you run your own business, whether that be plumbing, dentistry, or gardening, you need to know that your message about your business is being heard by the people that would be interested in working with you, but that’s pretty hard to guarantee these days. Advertising is absolutely everywhere, even in the apps that we play on our phones. So how can you stand out from the crowd? How can you make sure that your voice is being heard? How can you find hundreds of customers online?

Well, for a start, you need to make sure that you are online! You would be surprised at how many people complain that no one seems to be finding their business on the internet who then admit that they have not even set up their own website yet. In order for people to find you on the web, you need to have a presence there, and it needs to be good otherwise you will just put people off at the very first hurdle. By making sure that you have all of the important information about your business – location, services, prices, certification – and making sure that it is both pleasant to read and easy to find the information that they want, you will soon start to see people trickling into your business through your doors who have found you through your very own website.

But that is not enough if you want to be finding customers online. You need to start advertising in the spaces where they spend the most time, and that is almost always on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Linkedin: you name it, you can advertise there, and not only that but you can target your advertising to only be seen by people who live in your area. That is the breakthrough that so many businesses need, because they want to be able to reach the very people that are already walking down their own streets. Getting their attention on the sidewalk may not be possible, but with their eyes always glued to their screens, if you place your advert there then you are already on to a winner.

There are billions of people around the world who are online at any one time. It’s kind of incredible when you think about it like that, and it’s something that other dentists such as Dr Paige Woods, who runs her own dental practice in San Diego, is already making use of. Having a fantastic website that promotes your dentistry business, and advertising on social media where your customers already are, are the best ways to find hundreds, if not thousands of customers online.

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