It is not easy to control your emotions when you feel overwhelmed. You want to keep your feelings to yourself, but you need to express them. You might end up screaming at someone because you are too angry or hitting an object so hard that it breaks. These tips will allow you to deal with anger realistically.

Acknowledge that some things are uncontrollable

It is easy for you to get angry because you feel like some things are beyond your control. Instead of trying to control them, you can let them go. Learn to accept that you don’t control everything in life and be happy with whatever you have.

Limit your actions

You need to control yourself to the best of your ability. Even if you want to hit someone or scream at another person because of anger, you need to stop yourself. Always think of the possible consequences or impact of your actions. If you allow your anger to take over, you could hit someone, and break your relationship. If you scream at someone you work with, it could be awkward at the office for a long time. Don’t let these things happen; always think of the possibilities if you let anger get the best of you.

Realise that feelings come and go

You might notice that at some point, you get angry, and the next day, everything is fine. You even forget that you were mad at someone, or what you were mad about. Realise that you are better than what you feel right now, and if you can let it go without doing anything, you start to be mature.

Try sitting on how you feel, even for a few minutes. Before the time ends, you might realise that your feelings have changed, and how foolish you would have been if you had continued acting on your anger.

Avoid taking things personally

One of the reasons why you feel bad about something is because you take it too personally. Even if someone at work argues against your ideas, it does not mean that the argument is against you. Try to be more professional in dealing with people at work and realise that everything is about work.

Find a way to relax

Now that you understand what could happen if you act or don’t act on your emotions. The next thing to do is find ways to feel relaxed. One of the best choices is a freestanding bath. When you have one at home, it is easy for you to head into the bathroom and drop all your problems. Keep thinking of it as your happy place so that each time you feel triggered, you will calm down.

It does not mean that you can’t get angry anymore. Feeling anger is healthy for any person. The thing to avoid is acting on how you feel. You want to establish a good relationship with other people and being an angry person does not help at all.