If Shakespeare were a web designer, he’d know that the internet could make his written work more accessible to millions of people across the world than any book or play ever could, and he’d be perfectly placed to offer this knowledge to businesses in all sectors and countries

Would Shakespeare Make A Good Web Designer?

He would make sure that every one of his titles and his website could be found easily on search engines, promoting his work and allowing prospective clients to view his portfolio and get in touch. He’s certainly not doing a bad job, even now, years after his death, as just typing his name into Google throws up more than eight million results, starting with a history of his life at http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/people/william_shakespeare.

Top Job

Shakespeare would make a great web designer; he undoubtedly knew a thing or two about the importance of getting his work out there, and he certainly wouldn’t have a problem communicating with his clients. He might have to adopt more modern language to explain the key concepts to his clients, however, such as how a website must resemble a shop window, showing off goods and services and promoting a brand.

As a specialist in web design, Shakespeare could get himself a job with a company such as BHM Warwick based web designers, specializing in offering a bespoke service to clients. He obviously never had a problem with seeing things through – just take a look at some of the works he wrote at http://www.shakespeare.org.uk/explore-shakespeare/bookshop.html. He would be an ideal designer to offer turnkey services, looking after the process of website design from the initial concept to sites going live and being tested.

Still Relevant

Just as his plays continue to tour around the world, in all of their different formats and languages, Shakespeare would extol the virtues of being mobile and would no doubt be first in line to ensure that his own products and services were on show on every tablet and mobile phone possible. His services would allow future changes to be made to the site, just as his tales have been adapted and changed countless times by many different people over the years. Or he would be perfectly placed to make important changes to sites that were initially built a long time before. Shakespeare was a leader in his field, and he would undoubtedly promote the importance of keeping up with technology and ensuring that a website is kept up to date and relevant. His works may have survived the test of time, but the same cannot be said for outdated websites.

William Shakespeare is without question the best writer that has ever lived, so you can’t imagine that he would strive for anything less than perfection during a web design career. His sites would follow in the footsteps of his written words by being talked about and attracting attention for years to come. They would be the envy of competitors and other designers alike, offering a window to a world of possibilities and opportunities.