There was the time, when colleges were the best and only one possible variant for a woman to be educated. Today, you have a lot of worthy variants to choose from! That’s great! As a rule, women colleges are small liberal establishments with friendly atmosphere and strong academic basement. Girls often pick them because of additional advantages and support of their feminine problems. Don’t worry, you feel like a casual student, the same rules and limitations. You should study hard and become a part of Women organizations and associations to support you. You can also try a kind of part job to test your skills or you can click here to pick the car for rent and go somewhere with your friends for weekend or holidays. You age, sex, and ambitions are not important if you want to learn and see more. But let’s come back to study!

Colleges from all over the world try to create rather positive educative environment to satisfy all women needs. They really can help to rich success in job and study. The fact is, the oldest and respectable colleges for women were created under the authority of such legendary universities as California State University and Georgia University. It’s really helpful in case you haven’t pay for the education.

A sea of maroon and gold: ASU graduation 2010

Best Girly Colleges

Bernard College

This is a popular place for young women to get their education in New York. How do you think, where is the university campus situated? It sounds fantastic but you are offered to live in Manhattan. The campus welcomes more than 2500 female students. Bernard is considered to be one of the best educational establishments for women in the country. It has been working on it for more than 40 years. There is a unique innovative center that is always supportive in professional sphere and personal problems. More than a half of college lecturers are women. They are wise and talented, being the best inspirational persons. What makes this place special is a Women Center that learns all difficulties and problems that modern women face with in their life. They are trying to help.

Scripps College

This famous college is situated in Claremont, California. The date of its foundation is 1926. It was time, when women just started to make their first efforts in getting education. Now, this is place is able to enrich women’s life with broad academic opportunities and scientific projects. They teach you to be a leader and good specialist in chemistry, physics, biology, neurosciences. Scripps College participates in the international partnership programs, giving more chances for students to be well-educated. You can better your skill in programming, linguistic, scientific researches. University campus is a favorable platform for socialization. Do you like sport? You can take such women sports as baseball, water sports, even lacrosse.

Cavaliers Girls

Wellesley College

It can boast the most impressive educative programs. You can pick one of many attractive educational proposals in architecture, natural sciences, astrophysics, arts and other aspects. All of them are predicted to train your skill in what you’ve picked. You are also involved in numerous gender research programs, giving answers all your life questions.

Smith College

The college can be found in Northampton to be the biggest college for women in the USA. It welcomes about 3000 female students every year. They are from more than 70 countries. They have a possibility to sharp their skill in literature, sciences, and history. Academic programs include the most impressive research works in anthropology, statistics, critical thinking and creativity. They offer you to attend out-of-classes activities that help you to be educated on all fronts.

Northampton Ma

Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr was created in 1885. What makes it special? This university has become the first educational establishment that offered doctoral training programs for women. It is still such a place, the biggest intellectual center for the most of the women. Innovative approach rocks! They want make their students real scientific and political leaders. There are several programs for women that include conflict management, social structure and growth. If you prefer arts to sciences, you can pick one of five main artistic directions. Library here is the oldest in the country.

Suzzallo Library, one of the great libraries of the world - studying here embues you with a feeling of scholarly history, Seattle, Washington, USA

To pick the best college for your education you should read the course program carefully. You should also learn the school mission, course structure and all opportunities that you are offered, including leadership and practices. It is better to visit college before and feel the atmosphere. Location also means much but it is not a problem for young drivers. You know what, there are many groups and forums in social media. This is a unique opportunity to contact to ex or present students, teachers, administrators, and graduates, and put all your questions. Job opportunities are also important, especially for women. Remember, colleges for women are not only the respectable educational establishment with experience of many years, but a big family you can trust to!