WlToys V977 Review: The RTF Heli

WlToys V977 Review: The RTF Heli

WlToys did an astonishing job on the packing for this helicopter. The helicopter itself, together with the transmitter plus all accessories have their own distinct compartments inside the larger box as well as are held in with foam. This stops them from jerking together in transit plus components being damaged.


WlToys V977 is a gorgeous little helicopter. The design is very smooth, and colors might vary. Moreover, the canopy of this heli is a one-piece design, which means that it would not split on you if you occur to get into a smash. Moreover, the tail boom is prepared of metal, so as to it can take the influence of a crash without breach quite as easily. If you do smash, parts for this helicopter are comparatively easy to find.

You may have to buy definite parts from China, but maximum are readily obtainable from suppliers in America, which cuts downcast your delivery time intensely. You will be capable to get back to flying quicker. Also, although the main motor is brush less, the tail motor is not. It is a worthy idea to buy a few additional tail motors to substitute them as they wear out.

The main body of the V977, and actually everything however the tail boom is made of a light, sturdy plastic and the helicopter measures 10.6 inch in length from the slope of the canopy to the finish of the tail motor. The single problem with the design is that it is a slight heavier than similar micro helicopters, meaning that it will take a slight longer to ascend.


The V977 has a 2.4 GHZ transmitter. This means that you would be able to fly freely without having to concern about who else might be flying as well without frequency congestion. The transmitter will just pick the nearest open frequency toward switch to.

As stated before, this helicopter moreover has a flight aid mode. As a learner, start out with your helicopter on three channel mode plus with flight help turned on. You will not be able to do any elegant tricks, but you will have fewer smashes as well till you get the hang of soaring.

Flight times on the stock battery are around five minutes, thus you might want toward upgrade your helicopter to a sturdier battery.


Being a combined pitch helicopter, the WlToys helicopter can produce both positive plus negative thrust. That means that underneath the right conditions and with good piloting, it could perform some truly astonishing aerobatics. Outside that, this heli flies tremendously nicely. Just charge the battery and you will be up in the air in no time.


It works precisely as advertised as well as lives up to all its claims. It is a helicopter that would grow with your skill level till you are ready to fly somewhat bigger and more progressive while still enduring versatile. If you want a Heli that is small sufficient to fly in your backyard otherwise indoors, this is the faultless Heli for that kind of flight.

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