Consumers rely heavily on Google Shopping as it provides images of products, plus the ability to compare products from different sources. Placing your ads in front of the right customers could have a huge impact on your company and it even allows you to compete with the biggest names in the industry.

In order for an eCommerce website to stay ahead of the curve, it is essential that they keep up to date with consumer trends. Currently, consumers are relying very heavily on Google Shopping to find the products they desire. Previously, consumers would use the organic listings, but Google Shopping allows them to easily compare products from different stores. It is then easy to make a purchase from this platform, making it a simple and quick way for consumers to find what they need and complete the transaction.

It is for this reason that eCommerce companies need to look at product listing ads (PLAs). These are adverts which contain product images, prices and the merchant name. When a consumer enters a search term relevant to what you are selling, your ad is then displayed at the top of the page. This allows you to place your products in front of those that are actively searching for them. You pay for the ads on a cost-per-action basis, so you only pay when the user clicks on the advert – this should lead to a sale, making it a cost-effective form of advertising.

Here are a few of the main benefits of using PLAs:

Better Click-Through-Rate

Those that use Google Shopping are further along the line in the buying process and ready to make a transaction. This means that you get a much higher click-through-rate than other pay per click adverts.

Low-Cost PPC

The click-through-rate directly impacts the amount you pay per click. The higher the click-through-rate, the lower the cost for a click. This gives you more traffic for less.

Better ROI

High click-through-rate and low cost per click results in a better return on investment. This makes PLAs an intelligent investment.

Compete with Large Industry Names

It is near impossible for smaller businesses to compete with the big names in the industry. Google Shopping can level the playing field when you match specific queries to your product offering, so this can help you to compete with the biggest names in your industry.

Visual Content

Visual content can be a lot more powerful than text, which means that the user is automatically drawn to the Shopping Ads. When you use a product image that stands out and makes an impact, this will grab the user’s attention. Provided that the cost is reasonable, it should lead to a sale.

Automatic Updates

One of the great things about Google Shopping is that it automatically updates every night. This means that Google add any new products and that you are not bidding for ads for products that are out of stock.

PLAs are a great tool for businesses looking to place their products in front of the right customers.