Why You Should Take The Zend PHP Certification?

Why You Should Take The Zend PHP Certification?

If you have been considering improving your skills for enhancing your performance and gaining reputation in the industry, certifications are a great way to do meet your goals. The Zend PHP framework certification is one such that helps you improve your skills and add value to your resume and overall career.

Zend Certifications:

The Zend PHP Certification covers various areas of application development in PHP 5.5 exclusively provided by Zend. The topics covered in the exam can be categorized into PHP Basics, Arrays, Security and Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Although the company provides training course to help candidates prepare for the exam, it isn’t mandatory. Exams can be taken at any of the Pearson VUE testing Centers present throughout the world. The exam would cost you $195.

Benefits of Zend PHP Certifications:

The Zend PHP certification exam isn’t very simple. In fact, it may be complex for a newbie which is why taking the exam as a intermediate programmer can be beneficial. For experienced programmers, its relatively easier to prepare for te exam since most of what is covered in the syllabus has been practically experienced by them. Hence, they can solve a lot of the problem scenarios by referring back to the applications that they may have worked on during their work period.

What benefits do you think Zend PHP Certifications has to offer? Post your takes and opinions with us in the comments below. And, for more information on related courses such as php framework training, framemaker training, etc. visit us at

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