We are living in an era where every fresh graduate is looking for an MBA degree. Known to be a popular course of choice among Indian students, management is a sphere everyone wants to excel in probably because of the great job opportunities. It has become more like a norm than a necessity and that is why the country is replete with MBA colleges, which may or may not have a good reputation, and are assuring you of 100% campus placement. We may reject the fact that one’s success does not solely depend on his or her level of competency but also on the college he is studying in, but it’s true. The reputation of the college directly affects the chances of getting a placement from the college. A reputed college has a higher chance of tying up the knots with renowned companies than any average business college. Below listed are a few reasons why you should not get an MBA degree from an average college.

Brand Name:

When you receive your MBA degree from a particular college, the brand name of that college sticks with you for the rest of your life. While adding the name of a reputed college in your resume can help you increase your job opportunities, the trademark of an average college will always act as a barrier to your future. No matter where you go, a degree from any random college will never help you out in achieving success.


Faculties have a huge effect on a college’s reputation. Most of the average colleges lack competent faculties which disrupt the overall culture of the college. Faculties are the main source of knowledge for the students and one of the support pillars of the college. When their competency is brought into question, the college loses its credibility and the students are the ones to suffer.

Job Prospects:

The first question that appears in a student’s mind before deciding on a college is the quality of the placement. Although most of the colleges claim to provide 100% placements, few actually do it. All the top companies only visit the renowned colleges across the country to recruit people and not the average ones. So if you are looking for a job in a good firm, always aim for the top management colleges in India.


While the top colleges of the country will always provide their students with the best infrastructure possible, the average colleges may not pay so much heed to it. Proper infrastructure creates a comfortable environment for the students to help them concentrate and work. It provides them with all the necessary facilities required.