If your website is on WordPress, chances are that you are already using some sort of plugin to help you. These are little pieces of programs that make our life very easy. From assisting us in managing our site to helping in its maintenance and keeping up with analytics, everything is achievable with the plugins. When starting a site, WordPress coming soon plugins are all you need. Pieces of programs like the Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode are there to help you in numerous ways. Here, we will talk about how this coming soon for WordPress plugin can be of help.

Form creations and emails

All good businesses tend to gather details about their potential clients from the forms and you can ask them to fill the information and change the form from time to time to suit your requirements. While creating it otherwise requires knowledge of coding, you can simply use the plugin to generate these forms. Also, the details taken are stored in a database and you interact with your clients with the help of emails. The process of receiving emails and generating automated response can also be taken care of as this plugin supports the integration of email management software like MailChimp.

Social media accounts support

Social media is one of the top ways with which your website can receive traffic. While your web presence might be under development, the internet presence would surely be there in the form of your social accounts. So, make sure that the individuals coming to your website are diverted to your social media accounts through the links that you can add using this plugin to your coming soon and maintenance mode pages. Once the website is up and live, you can post about it on social platforms to get the traffic back to your website.

SEO assistance

Unlike most of the other plugins available to you in the market, the Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode plugin provides you much-needed SEO assistance. There are metrics that you can play with and changes you may make in the Title, Meta Description, and other elements of the page. This allows you to make it more suitable for your SEO.

In fact, many individuals commit the mistake that they take out all the website from the server when maintaining their site. As a result, they have a negative impact on the SEO as the crawlers won’t be able to find data. However, with the simple integration of such plugin which is easy to manage and provides required SEO support, you can be certain that there is a minimal loss.

Stay in touch

Imagine that a client comes to your site and runs into an error because the site is undergoing maintenance or is yet to be released to the public. It will certainly cause in an unpleasant experience. But when you are up and alive in front of them, telling that you will be there soon and giving them alternative methods of contact such as forms and social accounts, you will stay in touch with the individuals. This helps in maintaining a loyal customer base.