If you’re a business, you’ll no doubt be aware that your competitors – and customers – are increasingly operating in the online space. But what does this mean for your business? The fact is, the world is increasingly living, spending and operating online, and if you want to maintain market share, you need to invest in your digital assets. We take a closer look at what this means.

Rapid Growth of Digital

The online world is growing at an exponential pace. For UK businesses, this offers as many opportunities as it does challenges. Today, you can reach customers in any part of the world, but at the same time, you have to invest in a new channel which you may be unfamiliar with. Digital technology evolves at a pace; whereas once businesses simply needed a simple website, today many are investing in social media marketing, telesales, SEO, app development and other online tools and strategies.

The Benefits of Digital

A good digital strategy allows businesses to increase their reach while reducing their cost to serve. They can talk to customers cheaply – or even for free – while reducing traditional methods such as print marketing. Online applications provide added value and reduced cost to serve by providing self-serve facilities and account management for customers. Digital applications reduce routine administrative tasks for staff, freeing up their time for added value business activities and reducing the cost to serve. Integration with databases, CRM systems and other platforms allows reduced time, fewer errors and lesser business costs, while improving vital MI and integrating customer experiences.

The Practicalities of Delivering Digital Business

But how can businesses keep up to date with such a rapidly evolving world? If you are only just getting to grips with websites, apps and social media as a user, how can you be expected to deliver marketing and business strategies using these tools in a competitive world? The trick often lies in outsourcing these activities to an expert provider, who can both consult on what your particular business needs to thrive, and deliver those services directly for you. You may need a one-off programme of start-up support, or an ongoing retainer to deliver a package of digital services targeted to you.

Finding Providers

There are a wide range of high quality, affordable digital service providers who can offer the skills and access to expertise that you need. In Gloucester SEO, digital and online marketing experts can be found at digi-tel.co.uk. The first step lies in discussing your particular business needs and then working with your agency to identify which digital channels and applications can help you to achieve your goals.

A good provider will be able to talk to you in language that is jargon-free and which makes sense for your core business. The consultants will be knowledgeable and friendly, while demonstrating expertise and value. They will be able to provide case study examples of other clients and projects which have delivered the value that you need, and may also provide testimonials and recommendations to give you confidence in your choice. It is also worth contacting your local Chamber of Commerce or business services provider for access to quality digital agencies and service providers.