With many brands struggling for the same customers, brands are seeking for a new and innovative way to keep their business in front of their current and potential customers at all times. One of the best and cost-effective ways of doing this is with the use of promotional products. People love freebies; giving out promotional items is a sure-fire way to attract the right attention to your brand and increase awareness of your products/services. Almost every company in Orlando, Florida is now using promotional items to attract more customers to their business.

Customers tend to build trust for your brand if they can associate your business with a reliable brand image. Promotional items are not just for companies that attend trade shows, you can as well give them to your current and potential customers for improving their opinions about your company, make them easily remember your product or services, and influence them to buy from you. There are so many benefits that come from the use of promotional items. You are missing out on a powerful marketing tool if you are not using promotional products to complement your marketing strategy. You can share promotional products with your customers despite your location, for instance, you can share promotional products in Orlando and the surrounding states to improve your brand recognition.

Here is why you should be using promotional items:

  1. Reaches a Wide Audience

If you have a business in Orlando and you want to reach more customers in the city and beyond, the best way you can achieve this is by investing and sharing promotional items in Orlando and the surrounding cities. You can easily find promotional items that will appeal to a larger audience if you make use of a promotional items maker such as 5 Star Promo.

From our experience, using basic home and office items are the best when you are marketing to the general public. On the other hand, if you want to target specific industries in Orlando such as IT techs, it makes more sense to invest in Orlando promotional products, for example – USB drives. You will make your customers feel special and open the door to future business deals when you get specific with your advertising.

  1. Build Brand Recognition

Customers love freebies. In fact, they are more likely to respond when they feel that you are not trying to sell to them but you want them to benefit from your generosity. Hence, they are more likely to keep your promotional items which then are as good as business cards and other printed materials. Promotional items such as pens, cups, and mouse are used on daily basis and you can use these items to keep your business in front of your potential customers every day. Sharing promotional products in Orlando seems to do well for most businesses. In fact, customers are more likely to think of your company the next time they need a product or service if they are constantly seeing your brand on promotional items everywhere they go.

  1. Reduce Marketing Costs

With the increasing competition across all industries in Orlando, most businesses are spending a lot of money in advertising fighting for the same customers. Businesses are not only looking for how to reduce their advertising cost but as well looking for where to maximize it and get a good return on their investment. Giving out promotional products, according to research, has always been one of most cost-effective ways of advertising. It will not only help you reduce your advertising costs but as well bring a good return on your investment. A single branded item you shared may be seen by hundreds of potential customers depending on how long a customer can hold unto such item. This is a sure way to get a hefty return on your investment with some of these products costing less than a quarter a piece.

  1. Improves Customer Response

According to statistics, promotional products bring higher customer response than any other form of advertising. This is exactly the reason why most businesses in Orlando are depending on the power of promotional items to make more sales. Research also shows that sharing promotional items in Orland help to generate more sales provide customer contact information, get referrals and repeat orders.

  1. Build a Positive Reputation

You can build a positive reputation for your brand by giving out promotional items. More people will come to trust your brand if they can associate positive experiences with your brand. Hence, they will tell their friends about your business, helping you advertise at no extra cost.


Using promotional items is a great way to advertise your business in Orlando. This is one sure-fire way to get a huge return on your investment. When it comes to sharing promotional products, you will need to select the items that can appeal to your target audience from a reputable promotional products provider. At 5 STAR PROMO, you can select a full range of items to share with the general public or for a specific audience. 5 STAR PROMO is the best promotional items seller in Orlando. You can get quality and affordable products when you use this service.