Why We Should Migrate to Magento 2 in 2018 – Infographic

The time is all about bringing a new change in every single pace of life and as you can see now that the market is growing highly with eCommerce online store. Every person is looking forward to developing their business into this new world of online markets.


It is not hard to take such decisions too, there are plenty or platforms which helps everyone to develop their business online.  When it comes to developing an online store, Magento has always been the prior choice for developing an eCommerce website.


Here is the Magento Migraption Infographic developed by Magneto IT Solutions:

Why should you migrate to Magento?


Which platform were customers migrating to Magento?

When it comes to developing an online store or eCommerce website, you will never run out of options for developing your website in a different platform. It is hard to make a decision sometimes but though the new trend has bought a lot of change in the market when an upgrade of Magento got launched.  Even you can make out from the info-graph that everything took a drastic change over migrating platform.

Hosted Platform Vs Open Sourced Platform

It is sometimes very difficult to understand which one to choose from hosted or open sourced platform. All you have to do is look for the one which you want to go for as your prior choice on developing the website. Hosted are the services providers who will have restrictions over the source code and customization and though on the open source you will have entire access to your work any time on developing your online e-commerce store.

List of Hosted E-commerce Platform are:-

List of Open Source Platforms are:-

Why one should Migrate to Magento?


There are some vital points which have changed the vision towards Magento because everyone is looking forward to get the best services with a better solution.  Below are some points which are making everyone focus to change from different platform to Magento.


Magento Version Specific Reports

Magento 1.0 Magento 2.0
No Front-end Library Ships with less
No support for HTML5/CSS3 Native Support HTML/CSS3
Sub-Par Search (SOLR) Elastic Search (EE)
External Paypal In-site Paypal Experience
Minimal Video Features Integrated Video (PDP)*


Magento Migrations Tools/Extensions

To migrate there are few tools and extensions, which are most commonly used to develop an eCommerce website they are:-

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration process:



There are many changes which have bought into the market because of new developing technologies. Magento has changed too as the time is passing but the amount of change is being provided from Magento is been amazing with a new upgrade a Magento 2.

There are many eCommerce online store who can help you develop your website as new or even help you migrating to Magento. Some of the fastest growing companies like Magneto IT Solutions have been providing quality solutions to your website with inexpensive and quality solutions.

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