Why We Should Avoid Illegal SEO Techniques?

SEO is more about giving our website a better place on the web. We could gain better traffic, if our website is placed high in the search results of Bing, Yahoo and Google. There are a number of strategies that we could choose to promote our website. This could include various social media and other advertising approaches. With good techniques, we should be able to discover our website through different search engines. Many website owners get spam emails promising thousands of quality links to their website. They promise that they could get our website to the top position in a matter of days; which is rather ridiculous. This is the dark side of search engine optimization and we should avoid being bitten by Google’s angry spider after encountering illegal SEO methods associated with our website.

Although we have heard many stories, about business owners who unknowingly pay online swindlers to improve search engine results, we could still be vulnerable to the same tactic. We should be very cautious and try to investigate all the possibilities, because we could risk being dropped from Google’s search index altogether. It is actually quite simple, we would only need to fine tune our website and we should make sure that it could properly communicate with search engine bots and actual readers. If done right, we could have a winning combination. Optimizing our website means that we should design and develop it properly. We will be able to get ranked properly in any major search engine service. By reaching better positions, it would be much easier for people to find us and we could potentially get better results.

It isn’t necessary to use illegal technique to ensure that our website could reach good position in the search result. As an example, if our content is properly written, we will be able to show snippets of text in search result that encourage online users to click on our results. It doesn’t take a dime to create an accurate, unique and descriptive text for our URL, description and page title. We should try to script clear titles and we should potentially improve our search results. There are many offsite elements that can help us increase our search ranking. Google’s basic concept of search engine ranking is about how many others websites that link to ours. If this happens naturally, people genuinely think that our website is an authority in the industry.

We should try to avoid illegal techniques in SEO campaign, because Google is simply a few steps ahead of many of us. If we manage to find a loophole that instantly boosts our search engine rank, it is possible that Google will eventually find out and our website will be removed from the listing. Buying thousands of supposedly, quality and relevant links is also one of illegal SEO techniques. Google wants that backlinks are created naturally, specifically because people think that we have valuable content and they want to share it to others. In fact, many website owners find to their disbelief and horror that their website get links from obscene website. This could cause a number of long-term problems, such as instant drop in search ranking and a flood of spam in comment sections and email account.

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