The sole purpose in life for the medical education according to human history is to alleviate pain and reduce the human suffering through the use of naturally occurring substances and procedures. Strengthening the medicine and its practice sector goes a long way not only to improve the standards of service delivery to patients but also to ensure that medical practitioners remain satisfied with what they regularly do.

The human approach to issues related to medicine changes the dynamics upon which doctors and physicians operate and reduces the negative from the practice of medicine.

So, what are the human perceptions of modern medicine?

Division about the opinions of people on the application of advanced medicine on ailing individuals arises as a result of endless myths about nursing and treatment procedure for illnesses. Nonetheless, it remains far clear to recall that the tales served as the way of life for people in the past and guided on various people interacted with each other.

The misplaced concepts of nursing that include separating the profession as one meant for women and disregarding the abilities of nurses as below those of doctors occurs as nothing but the inefficiency of facts.

Modern Medical Education Content

The course content for the medical students and professionals remains undoubtedly broad when compared to other studies not relating to the practice which makes it’s an outstanding achievement to get a qualification. Speculations claim that despite the vast coverage of medicine and the need for specialization by different people while studying the human anatomy, little effort remains invested in the human aspect.

This sole reason remains about the further drifting of the interrelation between the modern medicine included in the emory nursing application and the medical education with regards to humanity and its related downfalls.

Evidence for the need of a more human approach

Statistics on the quality of life of a doctor and their satisfaction for what they do speak for themselves when we examine the dire need for a rational approach in medicine. The Journal for the American Medical Association made a publication regarding the life of students in medical school with regards to their levels of stress.

The conclusions of the study showed that more than a quarter of all the students studying medicine and its related courses showed significant signs of depression with a further tenth of the prospective doctors and nurse thinking of suicide.

Disheartening remains the only word that describes the statistics of stress in medical learning institution and further on highlights the loss of touch between the medical practice and the human nature. Even with a cphq review course on students while undertaking studies and a hands-on training after finishing school, the levels of depressions do not get a downshift but rather maintain.

Two explanations of the high levels of stress include the constant desire by medical students and physicians to become perfectionists while in the face of failure they get stressed and in the front of suffering they became compassionate and induced in depression with their regular contact.


The need for more investments on the mental health of students by institution boards surely will help to reduce the lost connection of medicine and humanity. Doctors health falls under the same humanity circle as patients.

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Why We Need To Take A More Human Approach To Medical Education