If you’re organising a conference then choosing the right city is essential. You need to ask yourself some important questions to get your chosen city right and above all else need to make sure it meets the needs of your delegates.

You could opt for venues and places that you as an individual like or you could opt for places local to your HQ, giving your conferences a more homely, community feel. Whatever you opt for has got to be something which is both appealing and offers something different for your delegates. This could be through your choice of place, the venue you opt for or the social programme you put together.

Below are some key things to remember and why they’re so important when selecting the location for your conference.


Have you chosen a city which is easily accessible for all your delegates? Is there an international airport for example? This is a really valuable asset for any city and makes it easy to travel to the conference for delegates coming from almost anywhere.

Good road and rail links are also important, especially if you hold a lot of national events so ensure your chosen place is firmly recognisable on the map.


A range of affordable yet quality accommodation is essential for any city hoping to become popular with conference guests. As an Edinburgh accommodation option, we believe we offer the highest level of quality accommodation for visitors to the city, including travellers visiting for business purposes.

Gala Dinners and Social Programmes

You’d be disappointing your visitors if you forgot about the social side of things. Booking an attractive and suitable venue for any corporate dining event should be something you can check in advance in your chosen city. Not offering proper leisure and social options will surely leave your delegates underwhelmed with their experience.

A city such as Edinburgh has a wide range of different facilities which gives delegates a choice of entertainment options if the social programme you have put together is not to their taste.

What do they want?

The most important thing to do is ask your delegates. If you aren’t sure of where to hold your annual conference and are thinking of getting out of your local area then it’s important to gauge opinion.

Email out a questionnaire with a few options and see what delegates are looking for. If they’re looking for a no-frills, business-heavy event then perhaps you can keep it close to home but if the social calendar, cultural surroundings and food choice rank highly then consider spreading your wings. If your delegates are happy and feel involved with the decision you make then chances are more of them will sign up to the next one.

Getting the place right for your conference will affect how successful it is. The last thing you want is bored delegates uninspired by their surrounds and by offering them a place which offers something special, you will surely keep them on your side.

Marc Hughes works for the VIP Apartments in Edinburgh, he is dedicated to provide the highest standards of accommodation to a conference delegates in this magnificent city.