The use of static slide presentation has been upgraded. Add a video feed to it and it becomes more interactive. But how does one use the video and where should it come in the presentation? Can the presentation be put on YouTube? Would this technique be good for a live project presentation? How can the video feed in static presentations give good results?

Videos Tells Tales

Certainly, every video tells a tale. But the right narrative and visuals will touch an emotional chord. Or, in some cases it may simply put sense in the thinking pattern. The right usage of sight and sound balances the slide presentation. A small clip is essential as it offers a visual perspective to the points projected.

Avoid Information Overload

Today, most people get the latest news and information online. Hence, the news, material, and information should be strictly restricted to the content. Adding too many slides or longer videos will not help, rather, they will distract the audience. For example, instead of showing three slides with graphic content, use a video clip to explain the same. It will be less boring and be better understood.

Hooking People

If you expect people to buy, after a slide-cum-video presentation then the content should really be engaging and business-like. It is time for the marketing team to find AV solutions other than banners, scrolls, and prints to persuade people to buy. A clip can also be animated or in 3-D to create an effect.

Why not Outsource the Work to Professionals?

In an attempt to save money, many enterprise videos are made in-house. They look tacky and are loaded with material that the company wishes others to know. But does everyone out there wish to know so much? The answer is no. Keeping this in mind, choose a 3–D presentation with video insert that people will enjoy. They will be able to handle long slide presentation with the video. A video recording software installation is required. It will help the clip to be put inside the slides. Recording and narration can be done after installation.

Post it on You Tube

Yes, this is an extension of the new online tools that gets quick responses. Many companies are engaging viewers as their potential customers. With comments they are also learning what to add and avoid. A YouTube video capture adds to the charm of the story telling.

Embedding the Video Clips

There are ways and means to get the video clips to be a part of the presentation. There is no need for an extra player to be added. If you have not worked with video files, get a professional to help. There are two ways to add the video files. Either it is directly embedded to the presentation or a separate link is given to the video file. The embedding makes the file size bigger. The presentation will play in Windows OS.

Video Formats

If the presentation is in Windows (2010) then the formats useful will be MPG, ASF, AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, QT and SWF. If you have iMac then use QuickTime files. Installation of the software is important before video clips can be inserted. The video can be resized just like any other image put in a slide.

This information may help you to get successful result in making the next presentation more interesting.