The EFQM Excellence Model is an essential part of every organization if they want to achieve a non-prescriptive business excellence framework for their organizational management systems. The EFQM training and development program will help the organizations to be more competitive in the market as well as also provide you, your colleagues and your organization with unrestricted access to learn from the EFQM Knowledge Base.

The EFQM Knowledge Base consists of an extensive range of content items available to every employee within the organization to help them in their quest for Excellence.  There are numerous things available to help you with the information gathered from different resources such as:

Good Practices from the EFQM Excellence Award Winners, Prize Winners and Finalists. Almost all of these good observations have been identified and authenticated by the EFQM Award Assessors during the Award cycle. Fundamental Concept of Excellence and industry sector are the main criterions to categorize the information and hence make it easier for you to surf through and find the examples you are looking forward to.

Good Practices from the Winners of the Good Practice Competitions – You will get your hands on great examples on the New Ways of Working, Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future and Creative Use of Social Media with the help of these case studies.

EFQM User Guides which are designed to help organizations and give examples of common approaches, techniques and methods that will support the practical use of EFQM Excellence Model in an organization. These further include different guides on Lean & Six Sigma, DMAIC improvement methodology, Enterprise 2.0, the EFQM Management Document, and much more.

Assessment Tools – They are actually a set of ready-to-use tools that will help you to perform an assessment within your organization – from a beginner to a more mature status.

Get Connected with Peers from Other EFQM Members

The EFQM Training and Development model will not only enable you to enhance the overall performance but will also give you a chance to connect to a wide number of active contacts worldwide through different mediums which include Good Practice Visits, Webinar (hosted on an online platform and is a user-friendly virtual medium to learn from your peers as well as others), EFQM Forum.

In the end, the best part is that each member organization in the EFQM Training and Development program will get an assigned Account Manager, who will keep you informed about any new and existing training, events, publications and will also help you to connect with other EFQM Members and solutions.