When you decide to create a special calendar that separates your daily tasks from work or other personal tasks, it means that you are taking care of yourself. Using task management tools will result in better management of your projects and tasks.

The following list shows important daily tasks that we should not get distracted from:

1. Remember to Eat

It might seem ridiculous to have this on your daily tasks calendar, but people have been increasingly putting off lunch time to finish their work load. However, eating, especially healthy eating, is crucial for maintaining energy for work and making sure you don’t experience a midday crash. Setting lunch time on your calendar will eventually create a very healthy habit and a highly necessary break that will give your body and mind a chance to re-energize.

2. Don’t put off shower Time

A vast majority of people either works from home or has a job that doesn’t require so much of a commute. We can easily get distracted and forget about it. You know how “let me just check my email real quick” turns into a 2-hour email session, social media scrolling and multiple other distractions. If you set a reminder to take a shower as soon as you start your day, you will get it out of your way, feel refreshed, renewed, and prepared to do your work. You will end up creating your own routine, which is again very healthy because you are focusing on yourself and avoiding straight-out-of-bed email-checking stress.

Why Should You Include Basic Routine Tasks In Your Calendar

3. Exercise – yes, it’s important!

Avoid workout procrastination by setting a time on your personal calendar. It is recommended to do the workout in the morning since you are more exhausted by the end of the day making it easier to skip gym time. However, this highly depends on the type of a person you are. If you are more of a person who enjoys evening exercise, whether it is walking, jogging, running, or hard core gym exercises, place your workout at the time you will be most prone to do it. You can also use meditation throughout the day to keep your well-being on your top priority. There are multiple apps to help you meditate and most of them are meditation session shorter than 10 minutes.

4. Wrap up and leave Work

It is important to be able to balance our work and personal life. If you keep finding yourself staying past official work hours only to complete the work load that can easily be done the day after, this is for you. Set a reminder that will let you know when it’s time to wrap up, review your accomplishments of the day and leave the office.

5. Keep your House Clean

There is something about coming back to your home and finding a clean house. Imagine having to clean up a huge mess after a long day at work. To avoid messy house, take 10-15 minutes each day to clean up dishes, make your bed and keep your house livable. A few minutes each day is much less stressful and much more productive than having long cleaning session on weekends.

6. Do the chores

Other than cleaning, you have multiple other chores to do, including cooking, laundry, paying bills, taking out trash, getting mail and other household activities. Activity that repeats often, once a day, week or month, should be placed on your personal calendar.

7. Go to Sleep on Time

Lastly, go to sleep on time. There is not a lot of people that have a “go to sleep” alarm, but we highly suggest to put this on your calendar. Sleep is crucial for our body and mind to recharge and keeps us alert during the day. Your bedtime routine should include waking up at the same time each morning and going to bed at the same time each night.

Amira Chugunova is a blogger and working Mom with an interest in business and technology.