It is possible for people to handle their car accident case by themselves. Some have even negotiated a settlement with their insurance company. Doing this could result in some serious problems. Most people don’t realize insurance companies make it part of their daily business to pay as little as possible for each claim made against them. Unless someone is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, they may only get a fraction of what they are actually entitled to receive. Depending on the situation, hiring a Miami car accident lawyer may be the only way to get fair compensation.

Establish Fault

There have been major accidents where the police report does not provide a clear story of who’s at fault for the car accident. How to approach the insurance company for compensation will depend on who is determined to be at fault. A car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, will know how to properly establish fault in a car accident and who is responsible for paying damages.


Insurance companies have people who only deal with car accidents each day. A person not familiar with the process can be overwhelmed with this level of knowledge and experience. When a person hires a car accident lawyer, they will have someone on their side who is able to match an insurance company’s experience when it comes to the insurance claims process.


There have been times when an insurance company refused to provide compensation, or the compensation they provided was not adequate. When a person hires a Miami car accident lawyer, these legal professionals will be dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation possible. They will know how to properly negotiate with an insurance company. An attorney knows everything involved with getting their client fair compensation.


Getting financial compensation to cover a long-term or permanent disability will significantly impact a person’s life. The process of obtaining this type of settlement can be a complicated process. It could involve filing a lawsuit, getting medical professionals involved and more. An attorney will be necessary to make certain a person who has been disabled receives all the medical care they need and more.

Case Review

Most car accident victims will not know the true value of their case. An attorney will be able to look at the facts of a car accident and determine what would be fair compensation. They will know what objections will be raised by an insurance company and how to overcome them. An attorney will know how to prepare a legal strategy to get the best possible result.

Gather Evidence

An attorney will know how to gather proof that a person’s injuries were the result of the car accident. They will know how to assemble all the necessary documentation to prove a case. This could include everything from recreating the accident scene to obtaining appropriate medical records, accident scene photographs and more.

Once a person has experienced a car accident, they will be facing many things. The goal at the Panter Law Firm will always be to return a person to the quality of life they had before a car accident. This will require their clients receiving fair compensation. It will also require legal professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to make it happen. This is why speaking with a car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale after a car accident can be a tremendous benefit.