If you are running a convenience store and often stumble upon people asking you for the direction of nearest ATM, it is the time to take action. You can direct the customers to the ATM installed in the premise of your convenience store, earn revenue from ATM business and also boost the sale of your store.

There is a fair chance that installing an ATM machine in your convenience store can highly benefit your business in terms of revenue and popularity. If you are not sure about the cost and don’t have a high budget, there are ways you can start the business by Renting ATM Machines.

Here are some of the benefits –

Increased Business

As a convenience store owner, you already have an array of customers visiting the store for making their daily or weekly purchase. Setting an ATM at the premise means you already have the customers to use the machine and in turn give you a steady way of generating more than your regular income. Adding an ATM simply means expanding your existing line of business.

Why Should You Have An ATM Machine If You Run A Convenience Store?

Increase sale of your store

The success of a convenience store largely depends on the percentage of sale and profit earned from the daily sale. It is a major boost to the sale of your store with an ATM in the premise. There will be instances when the customers might drop in to simply use the ATM and eventually end up shopping from the store. It is a double benefit deal with ATM inside the store. In fact, many studies suggest that a customer with easy access to ATM spends 15% more than a customer with no ATM access.

Regular income with convenience

There will be times when the sale of the convenience store might be a little down, and thus it can be compensated with the income from the ATM business. Starting an ATM business is very easy, and if you are tight on budget, you can also start it by leasing or Renting ATM Machines. The machine can be operated using the store’s Internet, cleaned by in-house janitors and managed by the existing team of people. There are some ATM franchises which give away franchises without any fees.

Attract more customers

Having an ATM in your convenience store will help you drive more customers in the pretext of using the ATM. There will be continuous walk-in of people to use the ATM, and it Is likely to make your convenience store popular, and it is also a great advertisement for your store. An ATM in your store is surely a wise way of marketing your store. This gives your customers safe and secure access to money.

Convenience store business is a great way to keep the money flowing, but having an ATM installed within the store drives more customers. It is a quick and easy way to escalate your business, earn more revenue and boost the sale of your in-store products.

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