Why Should You Choose A Co-ed High-school?

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Every parent wants their child to study in the best high-school they can afford. There are many factors that go into deciding the best catholic high school in New York and choosing between a co-educational and a single-sex school is one of them. If you are confused which one to choose among the two, read this article and find out why a co-ed high school is a better choice.

Closer to reality

When your child will be ready to go out in the real world, he or she should have the social skills to function in groups where there will be both boys and girls. There are no single-sex work organisations anywhere in the world, nor can you choose to work according to gender-based groups. Hence, choosing a co-educational high school is a better choice to prepare your child for the real world.

Empirical evidence

There have been researches which prove that children perform better when they study in mixed groups. An article published on supports this stance in the following words, “…abundant evidence exists that children do better socially if they are educated in mixed groups. It is not enough to just be part of a co-ed school that teaches girls and boys separately in class, because the really valuable interaction in co-ed schools occurs in lessons. For much of the rest of the time, boys and girls are separate, socially and at games. So what happens in lesson time in terms of learning about each other is crucial. In English lessons, it is invaluable to have both female and male perspectives on texts. Girls learn about how boys see poems, plays and novels, and boys understand the very different readings girls often give. They learn to understand and respect different views and opinions. In science and even maths girls and boys respond differently, with boys being quicker to express themselves, and girls being more thoughtful and considered.

Good teachers will draw out the girls and moderate the boys. Girls also learn the confidence to be able to express themselves in the atmosphere of kindness and humanity encouraged by a gifted teacher. Otherwise, they go to university having had the key period of their intellectual development taking place in lopsided and artificial environments.”

Siblings can stay together

When you choose a co-ed high school, siblings can study in the same school. This helps in a number of ways. Both your children would be able to support each other whilst they are away from home. In case of any meeting or a function at the school, you won’t have to take a leave on two different days. The daily schedules of going to and coming back from school will be same for both the children, which mean that you will be able to plan your day better.

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