Why Professional Services Field has the Most Opportunities in India

India is growing at a crazy pace, with GDP clocking an impressive 7%+ for over a decade, it is a place to be, and investors are pouring in more money than they ever did before. So what are the most challenging sectors in India? Well, there are three of them.

  1. Real estate – With an expected size of $180 Billion by 2020, it is the biggest sector in India, with lots of players, both Indian and foreign playing in the foray in a highly competitive arena.
  2. Telecom – With close to a billion subscribers, it is one of the biggest markets in India, and certainly, the one that has received highest FDI over a decade, although there is a great scope of revenue, the sector looks saturated.
  3. Professional servicesIt is a dark horse, in a sector which is pegged at close to $100 Billion, there aren’t a lot of players, and the market is so vast that often companies find it difficult to cope up with it. But there are some which are doing remarkably well.

So out of these three, telecom has a regulator and is pretty much organized, while there are sundry controls over real estate, that leaves us with only one sector – professional services, and you guessed it right; this indeed is the sector that has the most opportunities in India.

Even with the advent of the internet and smartphones, there wasn’t a glimpse of hope in this sector, but now, there is a promising app that looks set to change it all, forever.

We are referring to UrbanClap Company, a new startup that has covered over 50 professional services, and now serves 4 different cities, with their eye set on another 15 cities for further expansion.

Services that UrbanClap offers

It may vary with the city, but it generally offers these professionals and/or their services.



UrbanClap works on a unique principle, UrbanClap business model seeks to make these services available for free, thereby being a marketplace that charges nothing for providing those services.

It also has a risk and reward system wherein once any user avails the services, they would rate it, and that acts as a reputation for the concerned artist, which may work positively or negatively for them based on the user reviews.

UrbanClap takes due diligence to ensure that the professionals go through background checks and conducts additional police verification if they deem it necessary.

It has used paytm wallet to use a single payment delivery system, thereby making it easier for the users to make payment. There are two things that really set this app apart.

  1. Relevancy: When you Google something and say, get millions of results, do you really go through them all? Only the first few, results isn’t it? Similarly, UrbanClaps algorithm gets you the best matches of the professionals, say if you look up for a birthday planner and expect over 50 guests then it will only get you those planners who have their profiles relevant to the job.
  2. Bidding: What if you get multiple relevant professionals? Well, in that case, they can bid for the project, and the one who adds the most value to the job can get it. That way it takes care of every aspect of the job, such as Packers and movers in Ahmedabad.

Professional service is a vast sector, and certainly, any app would need to go beyond cities, but UrbanClap looks promising enough to stand up to it and deliver. For the same reason, you could find UrbanClap in news from quite some time, and there is every reason why this would continue to remain popular.

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