The operation table that you see in Operating Rooms would not be of much use if it had not been duly supported by suitable surgical patient positioning equipment. The table is only a place for the patient to lie upon but what is important for any surgical procedure is that the patient has to feel comfortable and safe while lying on the table and the surgeon should have the patient positioned in the most appropriate manner so that the surgical procedure can be carried out with ease and to perfection. The quality of the surgical procedure would depend a lot on patient positioning and not only on the surgeon’s skills.

A medical supply company is completely aware of the needs of proper equipment and accessories for patient positioning and there are companies that specialize in such equipment. These companies not only manufacture the equipment but are also engaged in developing new equipment that are necessary to support new surgical procedures that are being discovered. They are engaged in finding practical solutions to facilitate the implementation of new technologies and techniques.

Why Patient Positioning Equipment Are So Important

The Importance of Patient Positioning

There are several instances when patients undergoing surgical procedures have developed secondary problems that are not related to the procedure. A patient who had to undergo a surgical procedure of the abdomen that lasted for an hour and half was later found to have developed numbness of one hand that resulted from a nerve injury. On investigating further, it was revealed that the hand was awkwardly placed in a stretched condition throughout the surgery without proper support that resulted in the injury that had no relation to the surgery. It was also revealed that during the surgery the surgeon had to lean of the patient’s hand to have better access to the surgical site.

The above cited problem can be addressed by a medical supply company that can provide suitable supporting device. The device has to be placed beside the operation table so that the patient can comfortably put his hand on it and the surgeon is able to perform the procedure without having to put pressure on any part of the patient’s body.

The Surgical Advantage

Besides ensuring patient safety and comfort, the patient positioning equipment and devices support the surgical procedure for better performance.

  • The surgical site can be viewed clearly and it becomes easy to access so that the surgeon gets more comfort in carrying out the procedure.

  • Venous congestion is avoided that leads to minimal bleeding.

  • Damages to the muscles, skin, joints and nerves that can happen from application of pressure are avoided.

  • Respiratory and cardiac problems are minimized.

Healthcare providers depend on the services of a medical supply company in providing the medical equipment and devices that they require. They collaborate with the company by providing information and insights about their requirements that facilitate the ongoing process of development. Regular exchange of information contributes to the betterment of quality equipment that are necessary to make the surgical procedures more effective and safe for patients.