Successful online marketers will try to serve others. They seek to deliver something to customers or try to solve problems that can make the lives of their customers simpler. They should be able to provide recurring services that people need on a regular basis. This should help them simplify their whole lives and they could also get something that they enjoy. Many online marketers fail to grasp the fact that if they can’t provide something useful to consumers, then nobody will buy from them. This should be a very simple and straightforward thing. However, it is quite amazing to know that many online business owners fail to grasp this important concept. All businesses in the world, offline or online, are designed to offer services and products to their customers. Online entrepreneurs focus entirely on selling their products. There are many ways people could do this. They may build a website and submit it to search engines. They could also launch an email campaign or other kinds of advertising that focuses on selling their services and products.

Then, they could just sit back and wait, while wondering why the so-called “online hordes” are not visiting their website and buying their product. This situation will easily lead to frustration and they may quit eventually. This situation could sound quite familiar to us, especially those who are unable to work productively. The remedy is quite easy and we may actually need to STOP SELLING! This may sound rather counterproductive, but new online business should stop selling their products. Yes, we may be using pretty pictures for our products and the products themselves are really good. However, when customers are surfing the web, they will likely see plenty of competing products, so we need to effectively grab their attention. E-books are boring! It would be a good idea to offer something more meaningful, such as discounts or free shipping. People are usually hesitant to provide us with their email address, but they could be more willing if we offer them lower pricing. Obviously, stop selling won’t be helpful, if we fail to provide new values for customers.

Owners of new online businesses should also search within. They should define what could distinguish their business, before they can be fully successful in a business venture. We should know what makes us different from thousands others in the online marketplace. We need to know why customers should buy products from us. We must understand customers from their perspective, so we can really add values in our niche. There are infinite ways we can do to help us define our business. We should define what could make us different from others. We need to keep in mind that the online world is abundant with information and we should provide so many good things for them. Customers should buy from us because they really trust us as an expert in this subject. There’s no way we can build relationships with clients, if we don’t anything about them.