Why Medical Tourism Is Expected To Scale To New Heights

Tourism is rated to be one of the popular growing sectors in the world with medical tourism topping the charts in a big way. The rampant pace of growth has gone on to leave the other sectors behind. As medical tourism goes on to attract medical patients from all over the world, it gives an economic boost to the country as well. It works out to be a benefit for small or developing countries where traditional medical methods have turned over a new leaf.

The impact of medical tourism is that it churns in foreign exchange and has an important role to play in the government revenues. To the local people it does go on to provide employment along with business opportunities. For the destination economies it does provide an enormous potential for foreign earning. The medical tourists bring in money to pay for the local goods and services they need to pay on route of their medical journey. To the local people employment in the form of direct or indirect opportunities are also provided as well. Direct indicates taxi or guide services and in case of indirect it would be the indirect goods and services that is needed by the wellness tourism industry.

It also is known to contribute to the government avenues. State or local government  not only go on to obtain taxes from the people but there are indirect charges in the form of departure tax that is levied on the foreign tourists. Governments all over the world are willing to expand their wings in terms of investment in the domain of medical tourism. This is because they consider the potential that this sector has to offer.

One of the main reasons why medical tourism has flourished is because it works out to be cost effective. An example would throw more light on things. Suppose you are planning to undertake a cosmetic surgery in US and when you compare the same treatment to be done in India, there is savings to the tune of 50 %. In addition being an elective form of surgery, most of the insurance companies do not cover it. This adds to the existing costs as well. On all counts it is better to get the treatment done in a place like India as you are making massive savings on the cost front.

Medical tourism in India has really taken off in a big way like fish to water. But it is seen that the country is facing a lot of competition form other countries like Singapore. Though these countries are more developed on the technological front, where India scores above them is in terms of human capital. India has gone on to have some of the best skilled manpower in the world. The patients know for a fact that the surgeons are the best in the business. In fact most of the doctors have gone on to undertake their education in the prestigious schools of the world. Then they have come to India in order to practice their skills.

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