It may not strike you as particularly rich industry, but the pest control businesses in the world couldn’t be in better shape right now. It’s down to a number of factors, from the weather to pests being bought back from abroad. With more households calling out for bug-busting services, the more companies are raking it in. So why now? What is so special about the year 2014 for pest control?

Why Local Pest Control Businesses Are Booming In 2014

The weather

You may not associate the weather with pest problems, but the climate has a direct effect on the levels of pests we see in the UK. If there is one thing it can be relied to do here, it is rain, and this is good news for pests. Rats emerge from the drains looking for food in warm, dry houses, settling in to breed and cause damage to properties.

Slugs and snails become more adept at munching away on your plants due to the wet weather, and mosquitoes love nothing more than damp conditions in which to do their blood-sucking worst.

Councils no longer providing services

Another reason for the boom in the pest control business comes from the decision from some councils to walk away from some pest control services. As of 2010, one in ten councils no longer offer pest control services. This is a number that has increased by ten over seven years, leaving the public concerned about the effect on people’s health.

As a result of the fears about rodent and pest levels reaching dangerous highs, private companies have stepped in to provide services where the council would not. This emerging gap in the market has allowed companies to access an entire new customer base, meaning that the amount of money that they make is rising.

Pest resistance

We may think that all of the cleaning products that we use in our homes make it difficult for pest problems to take root. Wrong! Over the years, pests have become more and more used to our household products and are now beginning to develop a resistance, so what warded off all kinds of nasty home invaders a short time ago simply doesn’t do the trick now.

With the number of pests being killed or kept at bay by household products falling dramatically in recent times, more and more people are calling on local pest control businesses to help.

So that’s why business is booming

The above are the main reasons why pest control businesses are in better shape than ever. With people becoming more and more aware of the health risks that pest infestations can cause, more of them are making the decision to call in the experts. It may not come across as a particularly exciting or glamorous industry to be involved in, but with the demand for pest control rising, there’s no better time to be involved.

So whether you are a home-owner looking for a pest control company to deal with your rat problem, or someone looking for a new career – it’s good to know that the industry is in such a good place right now. Good news for everyone except pests, that is!

Barry Walker is the Founder of TDC Pest Control and has been in the industry for many years and has seen the rise in pest problems across the UK and believes the problem is due to a high amount of waste that humans create.