One of the biggest challenges of running a corporate event is making sure that your audience is entertained, engaged and satisfied with the entire experience. You also need to make sure your event is a big hit if you want to satisfy your sponsors, attract business partners and build a reputation for throwing great events. While there are many options you have available to you, one that you probably haven’t considered is using LED lanyards. While it may seem like a gimmick to you, here are a few reasons why using LED lanyards are perfect for corporate events.

1. You Can Promote Your Brand with Them

If you’re looking to promote your brand in your event, you can give out branded Xyloband lanyards. You can brand it with your logo, brand message and/or website. This can work especially well at trade shows where your brand is competing with hundreds of other booths in the venue. If you are running a private conference, you can provide a brand experience by setting up the seating charts with specific lanyards. Then, you can use RFID technology to create a light show that creates a unique brand experience.

2. LED lanyards Uplift the Energy of Your Event

One of the worst things you can do is set up another boring corporate event. If you want to elevate the mood of your attendees and add some energy to your event, you want to do something unique. Using LED lanyards is the perfect way to do this. With LED lanyards you’ll be able to create a beautiful light show as soon as you turn the lights off in the venue. The flickering of the lights and all the different colors creates a fun atmosphere and gives attendees a novel experience they’ll be sure to remember.

3. You Can Use Them to Create an Interactive and Immersive Experience

One of the biggest challenges of running a corporate event is to keep the audience engaged. LED lanyards can be the perfect tool for achieving this. You can start by giving out the lanyards based on a specific type of attendee. Then, you can call out a specific segment of attendees and use RFID technology to light up their lanyards. Another idea is to run contests in your event and have the winner’s lanyard light up. By creatively using RFID technology with the lanyard, you can keep the attention of the attendees and create an experience they want to be a part of.

4. LED Lanyards Can Be an Effective Lead Generation Tool

LED lanyards can also serve as promotion tool. You can put your website, social media pages or QR code on the lanyards so that people can follow up after the event. Attendees tend to keep the lanyards after the events and a simple reminder during the event can help drive traffic to your websites. This can result in a flood of leads during and after the event. It especially helps if you promise attendees a free gift in return for checking out the website, social media page, or QR code you’ve attached to the lanyard.

These are just some of the many ways you can use LED lanyards to make your corporate event a big hit. Used correctly, they can result in increased audience engagement and also improve the ROI of your event. It’s simply a matter of getting creative with how you use them.

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