Children of all ages can learn a variety of water safety techniques in the right environment. The earlier children take lessons, the better off they are in the future. There are many different reasons why swimming lessons for toddlers is a great idea!

Learning Calms Fears

Some children are naturally afraid of the water. They might be terrified to put their face in the water or afraid to be near a pool at all. If a child with this fear were to fall into a body of water, the outcome can be detrimental. Spending time in the water with qualified instructors puts children’s and parent’s minds at ease. They are more comfortable in the water when they know what to do and how to react in certain situations. They will most likely even enjoy swimming during the summer months once they know how, and this makes family vacations and beach time more pleasant for everyone.

It Builds Confidence

Mastering a new skill is great for a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Whether they grow to be competitive swimmers or not, confidence in the pool is never a bad thing. Swimming lessons can transfer into a lifelong skill that a child will use for the duration of his or her childhood and into his or her adult years.

Your Child Will Learn Lifesaving Skills

The biggest reason to have toddlers take swimming lessons is for the lifesaving skills they learn. Parents simply cannot keep their eyes on their children at all times, and it only takes a split second for an accident to happen. When toddlers begin learning pool safety rules at a young age, they will be more cautious around pools in general. They will also understand how to get to the edge of the water to safety if they ever fall into a pool. These techniques can save their life and are a great foundation for swimming skills.

Swimming is Great Exercise

Children have tons of energy, and swimming is a great way for them to stay active when they are out of school. Instead of sitting inside in front of a video game or the TV all day, they can spend the hot summer months in the pool, splashing around and being physically active. Swimming combats childhood obesity and is a great full body workout for every child. It also helps children expend more energy so they sleep better at night.

It is easy to see why toddlers should take swimming lessons, so the next step is finding the right place. Look for a facility that builds swimming skills through a comprehensive curriculum with highly qualified instructors. The goal of any solid program should be to affirm the children’s strengths in the pool while working on their weaknesses. This will build a swimmer who can save his or her own life in the pool, be a guide to others and follow the safety techniques that can prevent accidents.