It’s 2018, and if you have not tried online dating for any reason, it’s time to change it. It is possible that you are in pain, fearing you to take a first step towards improving your personal life and unworthy love, or even online dating sites, feeling a stigma that always surrounds something new and unknown.

Whatever your reason, we are here to make sure that this dating method is a good way to extend both the circle of your acquaintances and the finding of love of life.

Is online dating safe?

Let’s look at security first, because we think it’s the most important thing to get acquainted with. You have certainly read the stories of people who have been the victim of a fraud and have lost a lot of money.

In most cases, you can simply avoid such situations if you are cautious. Some dating sites even offer the ability to authenticate, so you can be sure the person you are talking to is really a real person and not a crook.

Other dating sites will help you to arrange a phone call so you do not have to worry about providing someone with your phone number.
All of the above mentioned services are designed to increase your safety, but the final decision is up to you and therefore you have to take care of your safety first of all yourself.

Always make your first appointment in a public place and let your friends and family know where and who you are. You can also tell them where you met. It does not hurt to tell them what your plans are and when you are going to go back. Our last advice is not to overdo alcohol. If you feel very nervous, you can be afraid of making a bad impression and helping nerves to get nervous. It is good, however, to keep up and drink sparingly. Do not let yourself decide a few glasses of wine and stay always over the thing.

Does online dating really work?

A rather shallow answer will seem “if it did not work, it’s not a multimillion-dollar business.”

Each of us has a circle of around 150 people with whom he keeps in touch. Of that, roughly half are commissioned, betrothed or devoted, and the other half of people are not a material for a relationship, for various reasons. In the end, we have about 20-30 people left to go to the meeting. But if we go through these people again, we will find out that we would not be very conscious of these potential partners. And here is the time to look elsewhere.

The success of online dating in Poland is mainly due to the fact that nobody in their neighborhood has enough people to get acquainted with. Expanding our friends’ circle also increases our awareness. Logically, the bigger the selection, the more likely you are to find someone you understand. With the benefits of modern technology and knowledge, some Poland dating sites, such as idateadvice, could combine personal tests and algorythms to help polish men meeting well-mannered and caring polish women.

Is online dating a reason to be ashamed?

The origin of the stigma surrounding online lists may be the fact that the only people who used them from the beginning were technically savvy internet users, mostly lonely Polish men with an IT degree who lacked the ability to establish contacts in the real world. Not by their own guilt, they were pushed to this simpler way of getting to know each other. Of course, this scenario is going to a lesser extreme, but we’re trying to point out how much things have changed.

Surely you will be delighted that 40% of Czech adults have experienced online dating and 80% of those who have tried to find love in this way have enjoyed this way! This result stems from an online survey in 2015. With the continued growth and popularity of dating sites such as Tinder, we think this number has increased in the meantime. ”

Online dating is now considered safe in a modern society, is positively welcomed by the environment and is no longer confronted with prejudices.