Landscape lighting is a fixture of many beautiful gardens, parks and open spaces. Outdoor illumination, which comes in many forms, has been used to bring life and emphasis to both private and public properties. It’s something you should add to your home.

Landscape LightingThis is because landscape lighting is done for many purposes. For one, it provides safety and accessibility, security, social and recreational benefits, and increased design and aesthetics. With its long history of use in public landscapes and gardens, here’s why it’s important to add landscape lighting to your home.

5 Reasons you should add landscape lighting

Your house, lawn or garden will appear empty and bare without landscape lighting, especially at night. Here are five good reasons why you landscape lighting is important:

  1. Design and aesthetics

One of the top reasons why people install landscape lighting is to maximize the beauty of their house. You’ve worked a lot to make sure that the façade of your house is structurally and aesthetically pleasing. And the trees, foliage and layout of your garden were things you worked on as well. The product of your hard work shouldn’t be lost when the night comes. It should still be highlighted.

With the proper lighting, you can emphasize the beauty of your property. All of the textures and details will be visible with strong yet subtle landscape lighting. You can put your house and yard on display at night, for your family and neighbors to see. To complement your façade as well as many of your trees, you can add in upward-facing lights.

  1. Mood-setting for parties

Garden parties and get-togethers at night are always a hit. Or sometimes, the afternoon grill you set up with your friends or coworkers extends to the early evening. With strategic and well-planned landscape lighting, you can set the mood for relaxing conversations.

Tree-mounted lights are a favorite to add to spacious backyards. Garden fixtures and standing lights are also good options to set the mood.

With bad landscape lighting, you can make gatherings feel stressful and uncomfortable.

  1. Space for recreation

Your yard is a space to play and have fun. For your kids or other family members, your lawn can function as a mini-soccer field or sports area.

Transform your space to a great play area with the right landscape lighting. You can add brighter fixtures to your patios or pools or simply any open space. You can even use this area for outdoors film-viewing or entertainment. Whatever you want to do for late night recreation, you can make possible with the right landscape lighting.

  1. Adding space and accessibility

One of the important reasons why you should add even the simplest of landscape lightings is to assure safety and accessibility. Guests and members of your house shouldn’t have to keep tripping at night. Hazards like protruding rocks, tree branches, and sudden steps or elevation can be dangerous.

By installing landscape lighting, people can see clearer where they are going. And you can be assured that no unfortunate accidents will take place because of poor visibility.

  1. Security

Last is security. Vandals and would-be thieves look at dark, unlit houses as good prey. Landscape lighting shines a clear light on anyone who would attempt to loot your home or disturb your peace.

With strong and strategic landscape lighting, malicious people have nowhere to hide. It’s a great way to deter threats to you and your family.

And best of all, landscape lighting is easy to install. The low voltage system that most landscape lighting fixtures use is incredibly safe to work with and also less costly. With all these important reasons to get landscape lighting, get the right hardware and bring your space to life.

Written by Boulder Creek Lawn & Landscape, the best service for landscaping in Jefferson City, MO.

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