Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular cloud based service for businesses of all sizes and types. It has been widely implemented by different types of businesses and has gained popularity because it makes your business processes more efficient. The Office 365 Small Business service has been here for just a few years and has already become so widely popular. It stands out for the reliability and efficiency that it offers. It provides so many advantages besides the efficiency that is offered by the MS Office package. Insurance agents will find Office 365 to offer them the tools that big businesses would have at small business price.

Why Insurance Agents Should Buy Office 365

Once you implement Office 365, it can help your insurance agency succeed and grow by providing more flexibility and increasing efficiency.

Growing your insurance agency with Office 365

There are so many ways Office 365 can help in growing your insurance agency.

  • It can help in minimizing the overhead costs.
  • You can sync your emails and calendars and efficiently plan potential client meets.
  • You can remain on top of your client premiums with all the data stored in the central location.
  • Total consistency as information is stored and accessed from same place by entire team.
  • It can help in improving your team’s efficiency by providing them high level of flexibility.
  • The cloud-based software package allows your team to work from anywhere and at anytime.
  • It allows everyone to get access to information and data using a secure platform.

Once you want to take advantage of the Office 365 cloud service for your insurance agency, you will want to buy it from the right source. Although you can buy it from Microsoft, there are reasons why buying from a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) like is more reasonable.

Where to buy Office 365 from

As an insurance agent, it is best to purchase the Office 365 cloud service from Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. It may seem more reasonable to buy the cloud service directly from Microsoft. However, when you consider the end-user assistance provided by CSPs and the limitations to the support offered by Microsoft, it will make more sense for insurance agencies to choose reputable CSPs.

When choosing a CSP, it is important to look for market reputation of the provider. The right provider can offer you all the benefits required to help your business grow.

Benefits of choosing Microsoft CSPs

Apps4Rent is one of the most reputable Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Providers offering highly efficient Office 365 Cloud Package. There are many reasons why buying the cloud service from them is far better than getting it directly from Microsoft:

  • Exceptional customer support and service for helping effective implementation of Office 365.
  • Full-cover service and end-user support, essential for new insurance agents looking to adapt to the cloud service.
  • End-user assistance for helping resolve problems and answering queries.
  • 24 by 7 availability via email, chat and phone.
  • Microsoft offers minimum amount of assistance to help you adapt to the Office 365.
  • Microsoft has a list of limited official critical issues which can be addressed through phone assistance.

Apps4Rent can offer you same product at same price but with full range of end-user assistance which is not possible in the case of directly buying from Microsoft.

More benefits for project management

Apps4Rent also gives you a product bundling option for more efficient and easier project management. You can get technical support as part of the package with all your client data stored on the cloud, ensuring security and consistency. You can have a Free SharePoint website up to support your insurance agency. This website, meant for efficient project management, is on another target website and can be used to interact with your team and even with your clients. Apps4Rent can also include Free Project Management Software like Project Online within the Office 365 package to help enhance effectiveness and coherence.

So as an insurance agent, you should purchase Office 365 from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP offering a full package that boosts your business’ efficiency.